Dark Brandon Declared Dead, Rises Again



Dark Brandon

There was a meme going around a little while ago called Dark Brandon. Its origin is surprisingly complex.

You are probably familiar with the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, an especially awful and childish piece of political nonsense coming from MAGAs that means “F*ck Joe Biden.” Maybe just say it, guys. You are not shy about saying other things.

Somewhere along the line, this meme evolved into the Dark Brandon meme, and Democrats and even White House officials embraced it, complete with fake movie posters and images of the president with red laser eyes.

Soon, like what happens with many memes, people got tired of it and it was declared dead. However, last night Dark Brandon rose again.

Joe Biden is having a great month. In fact, August would be a great year for any president. The student loan relief is the latest achievement in a month that includes signing the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS Act and the killing of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan, among other things.

Not to mention, August has been quite eventful for his arch-nemesis, Whiny Punk Millionaire Donald Trump.

It sure beats the August Biden had last year, when the media obsessed over the American withdrawal of Afghanistan, which seemed to kick off a long decline in his approval rating. Speaking of that approval rating, Biden’s approval is going up since bottoming out in late July.

Perhaps due to all this good stuff, the President seems to be feeling a little frisky, and yesterday evening, he seemed to be flexing a bit. First, the White House took part in a social media meme this week where Twitter users called out Republican critics of student loan relief who called the plan “unfair” because it lets people in debt off the hook when they themselves had their PPP loans forgiven. The Twitter thread can be viewed here.

It is kind of wild to see the White House Twitter account jump into the fray like this, but I am certainly here for it. However, it was not just the White House Twitter account. As you may have heard, President Biden dropped the f-bomb during a speech last night.

By f-bomb, I mean fascist. Not exactly fascist, but he referred to the MAGA philosophy as “semi-fascist.”

Ever the diplomat, our Joe. Semi-fascist is being rather kind to a group of people who are not shy about hiding things that are fascist. Hell, just look at what they are doing in Florida and what the Supreme Court’s radical righties have done this year.

But my goodness, are they ever mad that he said it. The right flew into the usual screams last night and this morning, calling Biden the most “divisive president in history.” I have no idea how they didn’t burst into flames given Trump’s history of talking about Democrats as evil people who need to be eliminated, but these are people who have no shame. I will add, that comparing this to when Right-Wing Obsession Hillary Clinton referred to some Trump voters as a “basket of deplorable” might not be very effective given that events like January 6 revealed that they really are deplorables and on occasion escape their basket.

Of course, some of the Very Serious and Sensible Minds of the Discourse weighed in to declare this as a “not a good look for Biden.”:

He of course got repeatedly owned by not just the Unwashed Masses of the Non-Blue Checks on Twitter, but also by the Blue Checks. He then did that Very Smart Centrist Pundit thing where he doubled down on his bad opinion.

“Surely they are not laughing at me,” said the man who keeps slipping on the same banana peel and landing in the same pile of dog poo, over and over again, “For I cannot be a fool because I am very smart, and I am very smart because I believe myself very smart, therefore, I am.” Or:

Despite these howls of silliness, Biden has some room to maneuver here. I think he has done well in that he has tried to reach out to the right as much as he could, and has had nothing but the olive branch thrown back in his face.

Dark Brandon can now be Dark Brandon, and tell anyone who wants to criticize him, “I tried.”

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  1. Dark Brandon can now be Dark Brandon, and tell anyone who wants to criticize him, “I tried.” They don’t care.

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