We Told You So, Redux

Remember this guy?

I wrote this:

A young woman had to suffer because of the sheer arrogance of his sexist willful ignorance. His useless tears mean nothing unless he now begins the process of restoring rights to women.

Well, his remorse was short-lived:

Collins made the speech as South Carolina lawmakers were considering a new, near-total ban, House Bill 5399. On Tuesday, Collins voted against a version of the bill that contained zero exceptions for rape or incest—that version failed 47 to 55. But lawmakers kept amending the bill and holding more votes. In the end, Collins voted for a version that includes the extremely limited exception of allowing abortions for pregnancies that result from rape and incest if the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks along and if the doctor reports the rape to law enforcement. The bill also allows abortions to save a pregnant person’s life but criminalizes doctors if they perform abortions for any other reason. The final bill passed 67 to 38.

He had a very wordy excuse, too. Here’s the pertinent part:

The bill was then moved for reconsideration in which rape and incest exceptions up to 12 weeks were put in, child support for fathers from date of conception, & other clean up language. The bill protects contraception, IVF, and clearly lists conditions in which mother’s life is at risk (hopefully eliminating the 19 yo situation). No other amendments passed or would have passed. Criminality on doctors stayed in, which the majority of my constituents approved but I personally did not. Since exceptions were put in, I voted for the second bill. It passed 67-38. I understand I will upset the segment who did not want anything to pass.

You’re not surprised, I know. Why should any of us be? Women aren’t real people to Republicans. We are incubators or we are useless. He even made a point last week of saying he was upset that the young woman might lose her uterus. As I have said, they just hate women.

Well, we are going to become very real to them in November:

One more:

Like I said:  we told you so.

Here’s a great song about an angry woman. Stay mad.