Too Much Of Anything

The news cycle is endless and endlessly fast. Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Going around and around.

I think I can keep on rocking now. We begin with a tasteless item.

Burn, Baby, Burn: Ken Starr is dead. He pursued the presidential penis during the 1990’s then protected rapists at Baylor University in the 21st Century.

Hypocrisy thy name is Ken Starr.

I stole this image from long time reader Lex who stole it from Rolling Stone.

Ken Starr can go fuck himself. Does that qualify as self-necrophilia? Whatever.

If there is one, he’s going to:

Lindsey’s Cynical Gambit: My colleague Cassandra covered the substance of this abortive non-starter of an abortion ban. I think Lindsey was feeling neglected and wanted attention. He got some negative attention from the Turtle who snapped at him.

Granite State Nutjob: The Turtle is also vexed that General Don Boduc won the GOP nomination to take on boring incumbent Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. This is a dream come true for Democrats. It’s another nightmare for Mitch McConnell. It’s given him the:

Let’s get serious for a moment.

Ukraine On The March: There are reports of mass desertions by Russian forces in the field. They’re trying to melt into the population. It’s starting to feel like a repeat of 1917. That was a bad year for the Russian army to say the least.

Beneath that icy facade, Putin must be sweating. Bad things happen to Russian leaders who lose wars. Come on down, Tsar Nicholas II and Leonid Brezhnev.

There are two fine pieces in the Atlantic by people who know what they’re talking about:

Phillips Payson O’ Brien: Ukraine Pulled Off A Masterstroke.

Anne Applebaum: It’s Time To Prepare For A Ukrainian Victory.

There’s only one song that can follow that last title:

Thanks, Todd.

Michigan Malakatude: The co-chair of the Michigan GOP has a silly name: Meshawn Maddock. She took to Twitter to expose herself as a bigot with a silly name:

Rumor has it that Big Auto is spending big bucks on developing electric vehicles. The artist formerly known as Mayor Pete is on trend.

Methinks Meshawn is nervous about Buttigieg running for office in the Wolverine State at some point in the near future. Hence the homophobic belittling. It’s a sign of weakness: the so-called culture war is all they have.

We move from a tasteless Tweet to a tasty topic.

Mmm, Biscuits: I’ve always liked Hardee’s biscuits. The closest one is in Picayune, MS and I’m not going to Mississippi just for biscuits even if:

I bet the My Pillow Guy wishes he’d stayed away from a Minnesota Hardee’s:

Hardee’s had a snappy social media comeback:

There’s a paucity of biscuit songs so here’s one from a Hee Haw cast member:

Here’s a blues song for the My Pillow Guy:

That was a short and snappy potpourri post. I’m not feeling overwhelmed any more.

A closing quote from today’s theme song by Pete Townshend:

“I’ve overloaded on my way
Bye-bye, you better keep in touch
I think your ears hear a whole lot of music
And like me, you’ve heard a bit too much”

The last word goes to The Who:

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  1. “Ken Starr … pursued the presidential penis during the 1990’s then protected rapists at Baylor University in the 21st Century.” Yeah, but Clinton wasn’t on the football team.

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