At Least It Wasn’t A Tan Suit, Right?

Tuesday was Election Day in a handful of states, and Joe Biden went to Delaware to vote in person. That is, an American president voted in person, on Election Day, in his home state. You’re probably wondering why I am even writing about such a mundane thing.

I would be wondering too if I hadn’t seen all the hot takes on Wednesday. The same deplorables who were fine with TFG charging the US taxpayers for golf carts for Secret Service agents at his own golf courses were suddenly apoplectic over this:


I have to say though that I am glad to see that the GOP is reconsidering its opposition to voting by mail.

Naturally the worst reporters took their cues from these GOP deplorables:

In case you are puzzled as to why you are supposed to be OUTRAGED!!! over that, here’s a more detailed explanation:

I like how his refusal to answer their stupid questions is portrayed as something sinister:


Ooh ooh, what about this one?

That’s a sick burn that Joe will probably never recover from.

The press is failing us in matters both large and small.

The great k.d. lang can sing us out:




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  1. GOP being hypocritical and dumb and the MSM eagerly aping the trope? Oh, its Tuesday.

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