Dig My Mood

I have a bad back and soft hands, so I don’t dig digging in real life. But I had a dream in which I was digging to the tune of Pete Townshend’s Dig from his Iron Man album.

Dig this: My hunch is that digging slipped into my subconscious because Michael Homan supervised several archeological digs in his capacity as a Bible Dude.

Dig this quote from 2010: 

“Ancient Israelites, with the possible exception of a few teetotaling Nazirites and their moms, proudly drank beer — and lots of it,” said Michael Homan, in his article for the September/October issue Biblical Archaeology Review.”

Homan is still on my mind because I spoke to John Pope about him. Pope is the Picvocate’s obituary guy. I’m glad they’re doing a full-blown obit because there was more to Dr. Homan than feuding with me. He was a complicated guy. I dig complicated people. I dig Pope’s obit as well.

I also had a nice compliment from one of Homan’s colleagues:

I’m still in an odd mood but I’m digging deep to post today. Here’s a musical selection from Nick Lowe’s Dig My Mood album:

Truer words were never sung by a rocker with big hair. Let’s move on.

Digging The Featured Image: It’s Jean-Francois Millet’s Two Men Digging and a study of it by a youthful Vincent Van Gogh. I dig them both as well as Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins:

Dearie, Oh Dearie: It’s mystifying as to why Team Trump picked an eminent jurist such as Judge Dearie to be Special Master in the stolen documents case. Even Trump antagonist Andrew Weissmann thinks Dearie is a dear:

According to Axios, it turns out that Team Trump picked Judge Dearie on a hunch that he was an FBI skeptic:

Dearie’s seven years on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, including during the Page case, is a matter of public record and has been reported. But it has not been previously reported that this experience drove the Trump team’s thinking in requesting him.


Dearie could not be reached for comment. He has not made any public comments — that Axios is aware of — to suggest that the Trump team’s thinking is more than a hope or a theory. And, he will be reviewing the documents themselves for privilege, not reviewing representations about the documents by the FBI.

Did they consult with a medium? Use a Ouija board?

This seems to be another example of wishful thinking and/or bad lawyering by Team Trump.

Remember the story that the Impeached Insult Comedian tried to pay a lawyer with a horse? Perhaps it will be a pony this time:

Kicking Back and Playing Hangman with the QAnon Lady: As Jamie O pointed out yesterday, the GOP seems to be morphing into the QOP as Michael F predicted last year:

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been busy. She kicked a young anti-gun activist:

She also posed for a picture with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak and some wingnut hitch-hiker.

I knew Sajak was a right-winger but didn’t know that he was so far gone that he’s playing hangman with MTG.

I hope nobody minds a second non dig song. It’s by Richard Freaking Thompson, ya dig.

I also don’t dig the pants on that wingnut reporter. I hope you dig what I say, the Other Peter does:

Lindsey Graham Violates The First Rule Of Holes: You know, when you’re in one, stop digging.

The Incredible Mr. Lindsey’s national abortion ban is DOA. It also contradicts the GOP’s message: leave it to the states, ya dig.

The bible thumpers aren’t satisfied, and Lindsey is a people pleaser. I’ve compared him to Huckleberry Hound before. His dealings with the religious right remind me of another cartoon dog. Snuffles would do anything for a biscuit; much like Lindsey and publicity.

I dig how pissed his colleagues are at Lindsey for shooting off his big fat bazoo. Lindsey joined Rick Scott in the Turtle’s doghouse. Does it mean his grip is slipping or that Graham and Scott are morons or both? Beats the hell outta me.

I dig picking on Lindsey. It’s easy pickings even if I have to get down in the dirt with him.

The last word goes to Peter Gabriel: