“Gallows Don’t Require Electricity”

The quote comes from an email read aloud by Adam Schiff at Thursday’s J6 Committee hearing. The title and the featured image are intended to remind everyone how high the stakes are. The Dipshit Insurrectionists were hoping to re-enact scenes from this 1968 western:

The hearing’s first half was largely recapitulation except for part of Zoe Lofgren’s riff on the ratfucker’s ratfucker Roger Stone. He’s also an incompetent blowhard who failed at everything after he stopped working with Paul Manafort, Lee Atwater, and Charlie Black. They supplied the brains; Stone supplied the Nixon tattoo:

The committee shifted into high gear when Adam Schiff took over. Schiff is one of the most gifted orators in American politics. He walked us through the cache of emails and other information produced by the Secret Service.

The Secret Service info made it clear that they knew something terrible was likely to happen, up to and including violence. They did nothing. That’s on the leadership of the Secret Service who have the ability to override the sitting president on security matters. Repeat after me: They did nothing.

The blood-curdling quote I used as the title was unearthed by the Secret Service at a web site called The Donald Win. It was a gathering place for Trumper rough trade to plot and trade violent banter. Before the Dipshit Insurrection, I would have dismissed 90% of it as empty talk. In 2022, I’d lower that to 60%. I remain convinced that most of his supporters are just as cowardly as the Impeached Insult Comedian.

Repeat after me: They’re pussies, they should grab themselves.

The other dramatic high point of the hearing came during Jamie Raskin’s presentation. He’s no slouch as an orator either.

Raskin showed us previously unseen footage of the Congressional leadership that was shot by Alexandra Pelosi. I think you’ve heard of her mother Nancy Smash.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen angry Chuck Schumer. He was even more impressive than the genial Chuck Schumer we see all the time. Try it again, Senator.

Speaker Pelosi was calm and in charge. She was looking for help to flush what she called “the poo poo” out of the capitol. At one point, she shook her head and said, “Do you believe this?”

I find myself doing the same thing all the time, Nancy.

Here’s the film via the Tweeter Tube:

In what is likely to be the committee’s final public hearing, they voted unanimously to subpoena former president* Pennywise to testify and produce documents. He’s likely to resist and may even cite the example of Thomas Jefferson who resisted a subpoena during his presidency.

When I said part of the hearing was a recapitulation of what we’ve heard previously, that was not meant as a criticism. Not everyone follows these hearings as closely as I do, so a closing argument was in order. This was a good one.

Repetition is the essence of political communication. It’s something Republicans have excelled at since the Reagan era. He was wrong on most issues, but they didn’t call him the Great Communicator for nothing.

The most important legal developments yesterday took place outside the hearing room. The NYT reported that DOJ has a video of boxes being moved around at Mar-a-Doorn *after* Team Trump claimed to have complied with DOJ’s request to return documents. The employee doing the moving is willing to testify that he was ordered to do so by the Kaiser of Chaos. That’s called obstruction of justice. That’s some serious shit, y’all.

Additionally, the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempt to throw the stolen documents case in their lap like a hot potato. It was a one-sentence opinion kicking the case back to the lower courts. So much for forum shopping with Clarence Thomas. Sorry, Ginni.

The J6 Committee have done an excellent job explaining Trump’s role in the failed coup. It may have been a hare brained, ham-fisted, and stupid plan but it was premeditated. At the center of it was former president* Pennywise hoping to drag the country into the sewer with him.

As I said in Wednesday’s post, accountability is on the way. The NYT story makes it even more likely that federal indictments will be handed down after the election.

Stay tuned.

When they discussed Georgia, the mythical suitcase stuffed with ballots was brought up again. It gave me an earworm. Badfinger gets the last word:

INSTANT UPDATE: Speaker Pelosi was so outraged that the Kaiser of Chaos might show up at the Capitol on 1/6/21 that she said this:

“If he comes, I’m going to punch him out. I’ve been waiting for this. For trespassing on the Capitol grounds, I’m going to punch him out. And I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.”

We have the receipts as the kids say:

That’s why I call her Nancy Smash. She is one tough broad.