Ye Olde Parler & Other Talking Points

I like to start off my day with TPM’s Morning Memo and three cups of coffee. Then I’m ready to deal with new cat Perry Mason’s incessant zooming up and down the hallway of our converted shotgun double. He’s either zooming or sleeping. Zoom, Perry, Zoom.

Please don’t hate me for being inspired by TPM today. I’ve given you stinking badges already. Gimme a break.

Let’s move into my virtual parlor to parley about parler.

Ye Olde Parler: We begin with attention whore and rap star Kanye West DBA Ye. Now that his free speech rights have been “violated” by Twitter for his recent anti-Semitic outburst, he decided he needed a social media platform in his investment parlor. Is there such a thing? I doubt it but it’s a decent pun on Parler.

I’ve never checked out Parler, but I understand it’s a place for the oppressed wingnut masses to gather. I wonder if French right-wingers are present since the name is French. I’m milking that joke for all its worth until the cows come home or some such merde.

Ye actually told Bloomberg News that he uses social media as his therapist. If you doom scroll enough, you’ll notice that he’s not the only one.

Hip-hop is one of the few musical genres I don’t care for, so here’s a song with Ye in the title. Consider it an early Christmas present from Adrastos and Jethro Tull:

Debate Exchange Of The Day: It’s debate season. One of the most contentious debates was in the Ohio senate race between scrappy Congressman Tim Ryan and Hillbilly Elegist turned Thiel Tool JD Vance:

“Some of the clearest – and most personal – exchanges were over the candidates’ willingness to stand up to their own parties, most notably Vance’s ties to Trump after the former President said at a recent campaign rally that Vance was “kissing my ass” to get him to campaign for him.

“Donald Trump told a joke,” Vance said after the moderator asked about the former President’s comment, “and Tim Ryan has decided to run his entire campaign on it.”

Vance added: “I know the President very well and he was joking about a New York Times story. That’s all he was doing. I didn’t take offense to it – I talked to the President before it. I talked to the President after it. Everybody there took it as a joke.”

That response gave Ryan, who visibly chuckled while Vance was answering, an opening. After being asked about voting with Pelosi – a frequent talking point for Vance – Ryan noted he ran against the California Democrat for speaker.

But then pivoted to Vance.

“You have to have the courage to take on your leaders. These leaders in DC will eat you up like a chew toy,” Ryan said. “You were calling Trump America’s Hitler, then you kiss his ass, and then you kissed his ass, and he endorsed you and you said he is the greatest president of all time.”

It’s always a joke isn’t it, JD? You should consider using the original form of one of my nicknames for your lord and master: The Insult Comedian.

One would have thought that the Hillbilly Elegist turned Thiel Tool would just admit that he’s Trump’s poodle and Thiel’s labradoodle. He’s a lap dog.

Tim Ryan is dogged so is John Hiatt:

Tweet Of The Day: This is not an irksome things post but I’m irked by the continued use of the word conservative to describe today’s Trumpist right. Hell, I wrote an entire post about it: Don’t Call Them Conservatives.

I mounted my pet hobby horse again last night and rode it to Twitter:

The punctuation is a bit wonky, but my point was well-taken. One could even call it a real rocking-horse winner:

I realize that a hobby horse and rocking-horse aren’t necessarily the same thing but what’s a bit of artistic license among friends?

In my research I learned that there was a band out of Florida that took the Lawrence title for their name only without the hyphen. Wonky punctuation? You decide.

Pet Peeve Of The Day: Sportscasters who don’t do research. It happened again during the Saints-Bengals game. The subject was Heisman Trophy winning former LSU QB Joe Burrow.

Yeah, I know. It’s another tweet but it’s twue…

Jeez, now I sound like Tweety Bird. Not one of my favorite toons. I always pulled for Sylvester:

Suffering succotash.

Memorable Musical Memory: The Facebook memory feature is a dud sometimes but this one is not bad at all. It comes from 2014:

FYI, Westwego is a town in the New Orleans area. It’s one of my favorite local punch lines.

The last word goes to Los Lobos with part of the aforementioned encore medley:

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