Album Cover Art: Martin Carthy

I had a hard time finding information about the cover for the first Martin Carthy album, so I’m obliged to speculate. I *am* a pundit, after all.

I’m uncertain if Martin is being hoisted by a crane or balloon probably the former. British folk singers like to project a working class image.

This was supposed to be a duo album with Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention fame but Swarb was under contract to another record label. They didn’t want to share. How petulant of them. That was corrected in a later release of the album.

Here’s the revised cover:

There wasn’t any room for Swarb’s name on the pallet. I cry foul. He was a pallet of mine…

Here’s the whole damn album for your listening pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Album Cover Art: Martin Carthy

  1. I might be wrong here but I think he inspired Simon and Garfunkel to also cover Scarborough Fair based on his version.

  2. That would not surprise me at all. Carthy has always been influential with other musicians.

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