“We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges”

I realize I’m late to this dog pile; make that Georgia Bulldog pile but this story is irresistible. Herschel Walker’s badge flashing moment is an attempt to own the libs in the stupidest possible way. It’s received widespread mockery. BUT the bedwetters remain Nervous Nellies despite this recent quality poll result:

Everybody take a deep breath and reserve your fretting for the Kemp-Abrams race in which the incumbent appears poised for victory. Standing up to Trump last year has given him an undeservedly moderate image so there will be Warnock-Kemp ticket splitters. I think they’ll come from suburban white women and Black men for the reasons alluded to by Ryne last week: They don’t want a woman boss. There’s no logic to this position just as there’s none from anyone planning to vote for Herschel Walker.

Any votes for the badge flashing dumb jock are best characterized as double tribalism from Trump GOPers and fans of a certain college football team in a state that takes its college football seriously:

It’s a dumb reason to vote for a senator but these are dumb times and Herschel Walker is a dumbass The Turtle is still with him because he’ll do what he’s told but by who? Is Trump Herschel’s current Vince Dooley or is Mitch? Stay tuned.

The featured image is of the ultimate dumb jock flashing an “honorary badge” next to the No Stinking Badges guy from John Huston’s The Treasure Of Sierra Madre; one of my all-time favorite flicks. I hereby gift you with a GIF:

Make that a double GIF gift because Mel Brooks revived the gag in Blazing Saddles:

In my research I learned that the same gag was used by The Monkees, hey, hey:

Hey, hey, what gives?

I should apologize for the Frito Bandido moment but it’s not as bad as this image from Mexican Week on the Great British Bake Off:

That was a pretty wan Juan joke. That’s what they get for pandering to their American audience. Make that pander fail.

I used the UK title. I hope the Pillsbury Doughboy won’t come after me for trademark violation. It’s poppin’ fresh fair use, little man.

I realize I just went far afield but what’s a bit of digressive humor among friends?

Back to the Warnock-Walker race. I smashed my crystal ball in 2016 but I feel pretty darn good about this one. Stay tuned.

The last word goes to Cream followed by Fanny.