MAGA Republicans In Disgrace

The Republican rats are scurrying after the vicious home invasion and attack on an 82-year-old man. You know who I’m talking about but omitting the name makes the crime even more horrifying. The rats are the leaders whose extreme rhetoric set the stage for the attack on Paul Pelosi. They’re not sorry for whipping their supporters into a frenzy, just sorry that one of them got caught.

Fox News is blaming Democrats for the attack. I’m only surprised that the antifa boogieman has not been trotted out by the GOP propaganda network as of yet. The key word is yet. It’s only a matter of time.

The Impeached Insult Comedian has not weighed in as of this writing, but his spawn has:

Situation? An elderly man is attacked at home with a hammer and that’s a situation?

Chief Twit retweeted a vile conspiracy theory about the Pelosi home invasion. He later deleted it, so I’m not going there. But if you want to dive in that cesspool, click here.

Musk is not the only one swimming in that false flag sewer. I wish I were surprised but I am not. Vile disinformation is the coin of the wingnut realm in 2022.

Speaking of vile, here’s what a New Orleans nightclub owner and notorious Trumper asshole posted the night after the attack:

John Blancher is the owner of the Rock-and-Bowl and Ye Olde College Inn on Carrollton Avenue in Uptown New Orleans. He deleted the post and as explained it away as offensive Halloween humor. If you live in New Orleans, you should already know about this mook. If you visit, please don’t frequent his businesses unless you think attacks on elderly men while hunting for their powerful spouse are okay.

The Blancher image shows how successful the attempts to dehumanize Speaker Pelosi have been. She’s been transformed into a witch to be burned or prey to be hunted. Her husband’s assailant echoed the chant of the dipshit insurrectionists on 1/6/2021: “Where’s Nancy?”

The right excuses every outrage as a joke. If we disagree, we’re humorless and cancel culturists. It doesn’t matter if Paul Pelosi is wealthy and married to one of the most powerful people in our politics, he’s an 82-year-old man who should be left in peace in his own home. It’s not funny and neither is Nancy hunting.

A pie in the face is funny, a hammer to the head is not.

Moe slapping Larry is funny, a violent home invasion is not.

Hardy yelling at Laurel then cutting his necktie is funny, political violence is not.

I halfway expect the wingnuts to revive this venerable Mott the Hoople song as an anthem for their so-called movement:

The political press is having a hard time wrapping their collective minds around this story. It’s a hard one to both-sides but they’re up to the challenge. They’re even reluctant to admit that the hammer wielding home invader was a politically motivated Q creep who was Nancy hunting.

The MSM’s election coverage has been reprehensible. They’ve normalized a batshit crazy political party that does not believe in democracy. The effect of their coverage is to reward the party that coddles and makes excuses for the dipshit insurrectionists. The political press corps are nearly as disgraceful as the MAGA Republicans.

Back to Pelosi attack.

Repeat after me: it’s a violent home invasion, not an act of political protest.

I long ago stopped expecting a modicum of decency from the Kaiser of Chaos and his minions. The title of a post from last summer sums it up nicely: The Followers Of Chaos Out Of Control.

There was a wave of assassinations in 19th Century Europe usually by bomb carrying/throwing anarchists. They went after prominent people associated with various royal dynasties. Their goal was chaos. That’s the goal of today’s Trumpy anarchists: chaos, violence, and disruption. In their case, they hope to impose a de facto monarchy on us with Donald Trump as king.

The assassination wave culminated with the murder of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by a Serbian nationalist. That act of nationalist violence led to the Great War followed by the rise of Communism and Nazism. Extreme nationalism never ends well. It won’t in our country either.

The last word goes to The Kinks with a song that should be sung by all the Republican office holders who sold their souls to the MAGA maggots:

2 thoughts on “MAGA Republicans In Disgrace

  1. There can be no disgrace felt where there is no shame.

    Republicans have excised shame from their emotional palette. That makes atrocities not only possible but likely.

    When you can laugh off the attempted murder of an old man, anything is acceptable.

  2. Shame is what a person feels themselves. Disgrace is how others see them,

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