I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus

The post title is, of course, the title of the 1971 album by the legendary comedy group, The Firesign Theatre. It sums up my attitude to life in general as well as the Brazilian election.

Consider this post the moral equivalent of live blogging.

I’ve been checking off and on all day and the first signs that Bozo will leave office came from an article by Reuters. The story is amusing as it describes the attitudes of many of Bozo’s allies, minions, and supporters. It’s South America, all that really matters is the attitude of the armed forces. Bozo is not the brightest bulb in the lamp ,but he knows that. The support of feral blockading truckers is meaningless without the support of the second largest military in the Americas.

My interest in Brazilian politics is fairly recent. I have Brazilian friends thanks to Dr. A. They’re all medical people or their spouses. My expertise is limited because I don’t speak the language. I like the people and their culture. They’re hard not to root for.

I’ve also been pulling for Bozo’s demise because I’m tired of stories trumpeting the worldwide rise of the populist right. The Brazilian left has won this round with the support of educated middle class voters who haven’t supported Lula and the left in the past. They recognize the existential threat to their young democracy posed by Bozo and his supporters. It’s what happened in the US&A in 2018 and 2020. Hopefully, it will happen again in one week.

I’m pausing until we hear from the Brazilian president.

This just in. Bozo made a brief statement in which he did not concede but said that he’d cooperate with the transition of power. It’s ambiguous and seems to keep his options open.

To extend the Firesign analogy, Bozo has moved to the front of the bus and is considering exiting but he hasn’t pulled the cord to indicate that he’s ready to get off the bus.

We’re all still bozos on this bus.

One more relevant Firesign Theatre image for the road:

Holy Dipshit Insurrection flashback, Batman.

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