Irked In November

It’s the day of the dead and I woke up feeling cranky. You know what that means. It’s time for one of our boffo new features. Let’s get irked.

I’m irked that we only had a handful of trick or treaters; more for Dr. A’s sake than my own. She enjoys kids in costumes. Claire Trevor entertained one set of chirren by standing on her hind legs and glaring at them. She was indignant. Being indignant is what she does best.

I’m irked that the MSM is so in love with polls that the GOP fools them every election. The quality polls started rolling out yesterday and showed that Dems are in better shape in Senate races than was thought last week. Every time the media does this the Nervous Nellies wet the bed. I want our national bed dry.

Speaking of beds:

I’m irked that that evil mook Ted Cruz is sharing crazy rumors about the Paul Pelosi attack. You’re a United States senator, Teddy Boy. Act like it.

I’m irked by Elon Musk’s existence. He got stuck with Twitter and he has no idea what to do with it. In the immortal words of Jamie O: Twitter Down The Shitter. Having said that I’m staying just to be contrary. The Chief Twit inspires the contrarian in me.

I’m irked by how little producer-writer Ryan Murphy knows about the real world. We watched The Watcher. It has huge plot holes but it’s enjoyable in a batshit crazy kind of way.

A couple of things in The Watcher are extra irksome. The characters act as though it’s impossible to find out who owned the jinxed property before them and who is behind an LLC. Just go online and find the relevant government web site. If we can do this here in Orleans Parish and in the Gret Stet of Louisiana, they can do it in Westfield, New Jersey.

I’m irked that people are irked that I’m rooting for the Houston Astros in the World Series. I’d like to see Dusty Baker win one as a manager. Besides, sign stealing has been a part of the game since the dead ball era. If that makes me soft on cheating, so be it.

I’m irked that Chief Justice Roberts has blocked the House Ways and Means Committee’s four-year effort to obtain Trump’s tax documents. He claims to care about the court’s reputation but this is the sort of shit that has damaged it. Not a good look Chiefy baby.

I speed wrote this post in under an hour. Sometimes I try to live up to this blog’s name and post a first draft.

Another name for the day of the dead is all saints day. The last word goes to Van Morrison: