Saturday Odds & Sods: King Of The Hill

The Lovers by Rene Magritte

It’s been another noisy week at Adrastos World HQ. My neighbors’ roof is done but it was a noisy road to completion. Between that and election induced insomnia, I’m knackered as the Brits say.

Shorter Adrastos: This will be a short form Odds & Sods post. A 1040 is all I’m up to this week.

This week’s theme song was written by Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty. It landed on Roger’s 1991 album Back From Rio. It has nothing to do with the swell Mike Judge animated comedy series. Unlike that show, the song was not a hit, but it should have been. Oh well what the hell.

King of The Hill had been kicking around for years. We have two versions for your listening pleasure: Roger McGuinn followed by a Tom Petty version that wasn’t released until after Tom’s passing. I don’t know the details. Sue me.

King Of The Hill was selected because this week’s Sunday Dozen features The Byrds. Stay tuned.

And yes, I know, Tom Petty voiced the recurring character of Lucky on King Of The Hill:

I mentioned noise, come on feel it:

We begin our second act by skipping it. There *is* a last word since I made a 1040 reference.

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: I have not seen Ryan Murphy’s FX drama Impeachment and have no plans to do so. I understand it turns Linda Tripp into a hero. Oy just oy.

Bill Clinton caught one break from the producers as Clive Owen was cast to play him.

That’s a bloody awful picture of the former Oval One. I’m feeling lazy so I found it online. Sorry, Bill.

The Movie List: This week something a bit different. The list will be a half-dozen. I told you I was feeling lazy.

It will feature my favorite performances by an actor playing Abraham Lincoln. Consider it my own personal Lincoln Project.

The Lincoln Half-Dozen

  1. Henry Fonda in Young Mr. Lincoln
  2. Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln
  3. Sam Waterston in Gore Vidal’s Lincoln
  4. Jason Robards in The Perfect Tribute
  5. Raymond Massey in Abe Lincoln In Illinois
  6. Walter Huston in Abraham Lincoln

Coffin Nail Corner: I haven’t done this feature for a while. But I couldn’t resist Henry Fonda starring in a Camel ad:

No throat irritation, just cancer.

Best Of Letterman: David Letterman is a legendary misanthrope. Kids say the darndest things to Dave.

Saturday GIF Horse: Dr Oz’s campaign went up in smoke. Here’s the fake wiz in action.

Tweet Of The Week: I like John Fetterman’s campaign manager’s style:

Tim Ryan’s Concession Speech: The wrong candidate won in Ohio. Tim Ryan proved it again with this speech:

Let’s close down this virtual honky tonk with some more music.

Saturday Closer: Let’s get regal with Tom Petty.

That’s all for this limited edition of Saturday Odds & Sods. The last word goes to TP and Roger McGuinn.

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  1. I pretty much (!) I bought it the (!!) After seeing mcquinn at tipitina’s on a trip back in New Orleans and I think it was 91 but it’s a bittersweet memory cuz that trip was the last time my dad.

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