Special Care, Special Counsel

I hate hot takes. I’ve been known to engage in some informed instant analysis, but I prefer to let the dust settle when a gut reaction could lead me astray.

My original reaction to the news that the Attorney General had appointed a special counsel in the Trump cases was: Say what? Jack who? Will it delay things?

I was reassured on all three points by my favorite legal analyst Andrew Weissmann. You know, the guy Trump claims is Deputy AG Lisa Monaco’s puppeteer.

Andrew was on a panel on Friday’s edition of The Last Word. He not only knows Jack Smith but praised him on Uncle Lawrence’s show:

Holy informed instant analysis, Batman.

Andrew also took to the Tweeter Tube after the appointment was made:

Note Larry Tribe’s endorsement as well. A reminder that Professors Tribe and Weissmann were both critics of the pace of the DOJ investigation before the MAL raid.

I realize this won’t placate the Merrick Garland hating amateur lawyers out there BUT this is the first time that one lawyer has been put in charge of both Trump investigations. That’s a step forward.

If Twitter collapses under the weight of Elon Musk’s ego, I will miss being able to check in with folks like Andrew who know what they’re talking about. I won’t miss the rabid hot takes from the far left and right, but it’s called free speech.

Back to Jack Smith. He not only looks like a bad ass, he has the resume of one. Two things leap out at me:

  • Public integrity prosecutor.
  • War crimes prosecutor.

Dig this 2010 quote the NYT dug up:

if I were the sort of person who could be cowed β€” β€˜I know we should bring this case, I know the person did it, but we could lose, and that will look bad’ β€” I would find another line of work. I can’t imagine how someone who does what I do or has worked with me could think that.”

Jack Smith might turn out to be the Impeached Insult Comedian’s worst nightmare.

Let the games continue.

About the title, Special Care is a song Stephen Stills wrote for Buffalo Springfield. It nearly made tomorrow’s Stephen Stills Dozen. Isn’t that special?

The last word goes to Buffalo Springfield:

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