The GOP’s Post-Election Plan: More Gaslighting

After the Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election they wrote an autopsy and came up with suggestions of things the party needed to do to build a larger voting base. Then TFG took over the party and everything was shelved.

The GOP resurrected the 2012 plan after last month’s embarrassment and set up a diverse—by GOP standards—panel to advise the RNC. If you think that the GOP has finally understood why it tanked last month, I’ll quickly disabuse you of that hope by noting that it includes this guy:


These people are not serious adults. Nor are they serious about addressing the reasons they lost. We know this because the official dog and pony show is all about diversity, inclusion, and outreach, while the unofficial conversation looks like this:

This is what motivates the MAGA crowd—hurting other people, in this case, women, but we already see the future with the push this week at the Supreme Court in the oral argument for the 303 Creative LLC. The goal here is to classify a service–making a wedding website–as a speech issue to erase LGBTQ people from society and remove their legal protections. And you know they won’t stop there, either. Is this in any way the behavior of a political party that has learned its lesson about needing to be more accepting and inclusive? Nope.

Today the House is voting on the Senate’s marriage equality bill. Here’s the tone being set by House Republicans:

Or this utterly disgusting behavior:

169 of these inclusive, diversity-affirming, and welcoming Republicans voted against codifying marriage equality.

Mike Braun had some harsh words for his own party on Wednesday:

I completely agree with him that the GOP is a party that stands for nothing. And you already know that nothing will come of his valid criticism because the Republican Party still belongs to TFG, and so its base consists of baskets of deplorables. Dan Newhouse of Washington is a Republican who voted to impeach TFG. Here’s his legislative agenda for the new Congress:

Even Rep. Dan Newhouse, one of just two Republicans in the House to survive his primary and win re-election after voting to impeach Donald Trump, told The Bulwark investigations into Hunter Biden are warranted in the new Congress.

“I think if the whole Biden family issue has some connection to the president, there may be a thread there that should be followed,” he said. “Some things I’ve heard and read appear that that may be the case. It makes sense I guess.”

Regarding the alleged Justice Department mistreatment of January 6th protesters, Newhouse added the issue should be examined for transparency’s sake but conceded he is unsure there is any “evidence of some wrongdoing.”

The “let’s reflect and be reasonable” talk is all an act. Don’t fall for it.

Some people never learn, so here’s a song for them:


One thought on “The GOP’s Post-Election Plan: More Gaslighting

  1. Fun fact about 303 Creative LLC: Its principal is a woman named Lorie Smith, who does not design websites for weddings. But she’s a-feared that if she ever does decide to design websites for weddings, she could be forced to do it for some icky same-sex couple. So she sued the state

    Now, some of you out there might wonder if Lorie actually has standing to sue to nullify a state law that doesn’t apply to her. That just makes you a godless commie antifa crunch granola type who hates America. The real point of interest will be to see if the Supreme Court will bother to write an opinion in Lorie’s favor that can’t be used to negate actual discrimination against actual members of protected classes. Or will Alito take the lazy way out on a case that depends on his opinion for 303 Creative and say, “Nuh uh, I didn’t mean you.”

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