Zat You Santa Claus?

Zat You Santa Claus? was written by Jack Fox in 1953. The artist who is most identified with the song was also the first to record it, Louis Armstrong.

Zat You Santa Claus? was under recorded from 1953 until 1995 when Banu Gibson cut her version:

Swing revivalists Big Voodoo Daddy cut the song just in time for Christmas:

The Asylum St Spankers have nothing to do with the Krewe of Spank. If they did, we’d claim them.

New Orleans songbird Ingrid Lucia recorded her version for the Christmas Gumbo album. Mmm, Gumbo.

Quite naturally, the Bing Crosby of rock and roll recorded the song on his Dig That Crazy Christmas album. I do indeed dig it.

I couldn’t find any good instrumental versions of this week’s tune. Oh well, what the hell.

That’s it for this week. Let’s raise our glasses and knock back some holiday cheer. It’s what Bowie and Crosby would want. Never argue with them.

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