Congress Held Hostage Day Two

KMac’s new official portrait.

I wrote this post as events unfolded. It’s kinda sorta live blogging only not live. Perhaps it’s a diary. Beats the hell outta me.

Never has something so boring been so entertaining. Republicans continue to spin their wheels with a fifth ballot. We already knew how shameless KMac was, but I didn’t realize how impervious to humiliation he is.

KMac has not gained a vote today. It’s called a stalemate, which leads to gridlock. He claims to be a patriot but if he cared about anything other than himself, he’d step aside. Keep at it, KMac. There’s nothing more delicious than watching political cannibalism in the other party.

KMac’s opponents are fanatics. Why would they compromise? It’s not in their vocabulary.

Hasbeen watch: Trump’s re-endorsement of KMac hasn’t moved any votes in either direction.

Some of KMac’s supporters seem to be getting antsy. We’re starting to hear talk about Steve Scalise from the talking heads. You know, the butt plug guy:

Scalise’s best play is to stay loyal until KMac withdraws. Presumably, pressure on him to make a move will grow as this mishigas continues.

Colorado wingnut Ken Buck is already talking up the Man from Metry:

If there’s a sixth ballot, pay close attention to Ken Buck, which rhymes with fuck as well as duck. Fuck a duck.

I usually don’t watch MSNBC before 3 O’clock. It’s a different universe full of fools who think Dems should bail KMac out. Why? He flip flopped on the insurrection and remains one of the Impeached Insult Comedians primary enablers. He can go fuck himself as can Chuck Todd who just popped up on the cable newser.

It’s typical that the party that brought us unqualified president* Donald Trump considers a second-term Congressman to be a possible Speaker. They should duck Byron Donalds.

The sixth ballot nominations are in. Jeffries is still in the lead and KMac’s supporters are desperate. The Never Kevins are smelling blood in the water. They still make no sense with their claims that “Washington is broken” when Scott Brooks is throwing crockery about. Oy just oy.

No surprises in the early part of the sixth ballot. That fuck Ken Buck did not vote. Hiding or up to something? What the buck?

I’m unsure if Einstein really said this but KMac should pay attention. Does he even know who Einstein is?

The stalemate continues. Looks like KMac will have to move out of the Speaker’s office.

House adjourned until 8 eastern. Not sure if I’ll be back until tomorrow morning. I’m sick of this shit.

The last word goes to Warren Zevon:

One thought on “Congress Held Hostage Day Two

  1. Dems should absolutely NOT help Kevin, or any GOPer, get the Speakership.

    That said, I’d like to see AOC and some of The Squad very publicly vote for Kevin, just to taint him with Socialist Dem/Fem Cooties.

    Loki approves this message.

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