Remember The Young Guns?

Congress is still held hostage by the House GOP. The fourth vote is going on right now after a deeply silly nominating speech by Cheesehead Mike Gallagher and a new hat tossed in the ring, Florida man and token Black wingnut Byron Donalds who was the vote switcher on the third ballot.

Right-wingers were giddy in the aftermath of the 2010 Tea Party wave election. They predicted a generation of Republican domination. One reason were the so-called young guns of the House leadership: KMac, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan.

There was even a book about these three bozos:

Things did not go to plan:

  • In 2014 Eric Cantor lost to an extremist with a sausage name, Dave Bratz.
  • In 2015 KMac’s speakership bid blew up in his face. Ryan became speaker.
  • In 2018 Paul Ryan retired from Congress rather than deal with the Freedom Caucus.
  • In 2022 KMac’s second attempt to become speaker is on life support.

Young Guns? Really? I prefer this group:

Now that I think of it. Charlie Sheen is as crazy as most Freedom Caucusers.

Some of the best coverage of the impasse is by Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News. Unfortunately, he persists in calling Freedom Caucusers conservatives. They’re extremists. Conservatives value our institutions and believe in strengthening them, not burning them down.

Repeat after me: Don’t Call Them Conservatives. If you don’t believe me, read this article by historian Alan Singer.

It’s particularly disappointing since Jake Sherman is a Deadhead. Instead of a fire on the mountain, there’s a fire on Capitol Hill:

I wrote this post in anticipation of an adjournment. It didn’t happen because KMAC didn’t have the votes for that either.

I’ll be back later with more about the second day of Congress Held Hostage,