We’re So Forked

Stephanie Ruhle had Lauren Boebert on her MSNBC show on Wednesday night, fresh off her scolding by Sean Hannity on FOX. As I write this, I have no idea what the next House session is going to bring at noon. But I do know what’s not going to happen:  Kevin McCarthy won’t be Speaker because there are Freedom Caucus members who will never allow it.

Ruhle tried her best to get Boebert to understand that nothing happening right now wasn’t helping the GOP. Boebert said that no money was being spent so inaction was a good thing, and Ruhle had to explain to her that previously-funded programs were still spending money. Wow.

The most important takeaway though was when Ruhle asked her about other candidates for Speaker. When she asked about Steve Scalise, Boebert said she wasn’t going to support anyone in the current leadership, echoing one of her Circus Caucus colleagues:

I don’t think it’s limited to just the 2 of them, either.

The hardest hard core members of the Freedom Caucus are nihilists. There is nothing that you can give them that will dissuade them from destroying everything. Boebert made it clear on Wednesday night that she has no intention to start governing any time soon. If there are 3 more like the 2 of them then there will be no GOP speaker this session. Let’s see what happens today.

I saw a Twitter thread asking for suggestions for a soundtrack for Kevin McCarthy’s humiliation this week. Here’s one of my favorite singers covering one of the suggestions:

7 thoughts on “We’re So Forked

  1. Government is supposed to govern. Democrats have done more for Boebert’s district than she has.

    1. he’s awful. is there a consensus pick though? I don’t trust any of them.

      1. The “consensus” I’ve heard is among Republicans. This is their squabble.

  2. Maybe Bryan Ferry could be the consensus candidate.

    Have you heard the version by Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin?

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