Congress Held Hostage Day Three

It’s time to resume the Diary Of A Mad Blogger.

Seventh verse, same as the first.

After a night of selling his soul to the Never Kevins, KMac lost a vote on the seventh ballot. The only vote they’ve won thus far was for adjournment last night.

What’s next for KMac?

Will he offer the life of his eldest child?

Will he offer to sort Chip Roy’s Starbursts?

Will he offer to be a server in Lauren Boebert’s eatery, Shooter’s Grill?

KMac’s backers are calling his opponents selfish and egomaniacal. They should try looking in the mirror. This is all about KMac as the featured meme says:

K is for KMAC.

S is for Selfish.

And now for a pertinent musical interlude:

For the first time in 100 years, we don’t have a Congress. The Never Kevins talk a lot about the people. They don’t care about the people. They refuse to do the people’s business. Oy just oy.

If they cared about the people, they’d wrap up this nonsense and let the people who work for them get paid. That’s right: No Congress, no pay. That goes for members too. George Santos needs the money, y’all.

I agree with Josh Marshall that this is NOT a white collar form of insurrection. They may be spinning their wheels but they’re voting, not taking a shit in the Speaker’s office. One would think that they’d prefer to wrap this up before the second anniversary of the Dipshit Insurrection. Speaking of which, both Scott Brooks and Matt Gaetz wanted pardons from former President* Pennywise.

Eighth verse, same as the first. Anyone in the mood for The Beatles? Yeah, yeah, yeah,

The shiny headed Floridian nominating KMAC is comparing him favorably to more successful politicians including The Turtle who has an iron grip on his caucus. Somewhere Speaker Boner is smoking a cigar and sipping on an adult beverage.

Pardon seeking Matt Gaetz has been talking to the media, which is the only reason he’s in politics:

KMac is the next Houdini? Cool.

Or is he the next Joan Crawford?

It *is* Pulp Fiction Thursday, after all.

Lauren Boebert has introduced a new anti-KMac candidate: Kevin Hern. She claims he’s a compromise candidate. The beat goes on and on and on.

Something I should have shared yesterday:

It’s all a joke. A bad one.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur is driving me crazy. She’s such a both-sides reporter. You would have thought she’d have learned from when she was Keith Olbermann’s girl friend.

Scott Perry is clearly a hardcore Never Kevin:

The Never Kevins are dead enders much like Baghdad Bob:

Now that I think of it. he’s probably one of KMac’s spin doctors.

As a former Congressional aide, my disgust is rising. I’ve enjoyed watching them squirm BUT it’s time to follow Mr. Wonderful’s advice and:

FYI, one of the Never Kevins, Eli Crane of Arizona appeared on Shark Tank with Kevin (Mr. Wonderful) O’Leary. Kevins abound today,

In fact, Crane got an investment from O’Leary. Ask him to stop the madness, Mr. Wonderful.

The eighth ballot has concluded with no change. Hakeem Jeffries is still in the lead and there are still 21 anti-KMac votes.

They don’t have enough votes to adjourn. I’ve had enough for today. 9th verse, same as the first.

The beat goes on and on and on.

The last word goes to Sonny & Cher:

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  1. I believe Shooter’s Grill is permanently closed — for some reason, Boebert couldn’t get her landlord to sign on to a new lease (it couldn’t have been her chronically late lease payments, or general unsavoriness). Despite being worth multimillions, she was too dumb to buy the building outright. It appears she’s moved on from the small grift of running a failing restaurant/tax dodge to ones requiring less work.

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