Congress Held Hostage: Twelfth Night, Twelfth Ballot

George Santos yawns as does Adrastos.

I swore I wouldn’t do this again. The Speaker vote is boring, dull, and tedious. I cannot, however, resist a good title. Plus, I want to see if Team KMac has made any progress in the vote count. Why the media persists in believing the lying Republican liars is beyond me. The only thing that matters is the vote.

The pre-game diary continues without Terry Bradshaw.

A reminder that KMac’s supporters are just as bad as his foes. A pox on both their houses

This morning, Josh Marshall pointed out that under the 14th Amendment,  the Impeached Insult Comedian is DISQUALIFIED from the Speakership because of his support of the insurrection. That’s a plus for many in GOP caucus but not for the country as a whole.

I’m opposed to Democrats working with the GOP to elect a Speaker. There are very few genuine moderates left among the GOPers. This, however, makes it tempting:

A musical interlude before the gavel strikes:

Twelfth verse, different from the first.

The nominating speeches go from to crass to class to crass and crasser. I learned that Biden and China are responsible for every COVID death. Thus spake Rep. Mike Garcia. I knew Jerry Garcia. I listened to Jerry Garcia. Mike Garcia you’re no Jerry Garcia.

I need some whiskey after those speeches:

MSNBC is stepping on Steve Kornacki with Chris Jansing and Andrea Martin’s incessant chatter as KMac seems to be making progress. Toast no more?

KMac takes the lead after 14 GOPers switched to vote for him. Scott Perry and Chip Roy were the big gets. I was surprised that Marshall Law Norman flipped. The Grotesque Dr. Gosar moved into KMac’s column as well. There are now 7 Never Kevins.

KMac has a pulse now. He’ll be a eunuch as Speaker but all he wants is the title. Not sure how they’ll be able to move the 7 dead enders.

Here’s a pre-thirteenth ballot musical interlude.

Thirteen is traditionally an unlucky number. We’ll see if that changes for KMac. I suspect his minions are trying to get some of the dead enders to vote present, if they won’t vote for KMac.

The GOP nominating speeches get dumber and dumber. Dumb speeches in support of a dumb leader. There was no nomination speech by the Dead Enders.

I stopped watching the 13th ballot after Matt Gaetz and Bob Goode voted for Jacketed Gym Jordan. I’ve had enough:

The Friday Cocktail Hour is on hiatus until next week.

Today wasn’t as boring as previous days but the last word goes to Pete Townshend: