Double-Digit Loser

Kevin McCarthy has lost 11 times in his quest to be the Speaker of the House.

Kevin, who is the biggest dummy named McCarthy since Charlie (you might get that if you are on Social Security), is not giving up. If I run into the brick wall headfirst one more time, K-Mac says, I’ll break through – you’ll see.

Over the last few days, between 19 and 21 of Kev’s fellow Republicans laugh manically and say “NOPEY NOPEY NOPE KEV-O” while rolling around in the filth of the bottom of a Burger King dumpster, where they metaphorically live. These are not rational people, and Kevin’s deep love for Trump and January 6 insurrectionists and fantasies about beating up female political opponents is just not enough. They are nihilists in the purest form.

I feel like the media coverage of this is lacking in some respects. MSNBC Star Stephanie Ruhle’s interview with Unstable Human Lauren Boebert was well done in that she was not having it with the crazy and called her on a lot of her garbage. But in other cases, they fall back on old habits, such as reflexively trying to blame Democrats for Republican dysfunction.

Overall, I think too many in the DC punditry are missing the fact that this stuff is perilous for the nation. We are seeing that a small minority of unhinged radicals can grind government to a halt at will. This is a system that too often depends on the basic decency of the individuals in government, and this is yet another case that proves we cannot rely on that.

It goes without saying that if The Squad and 16 of their progressive caucus colleagues did something like this over say the Green New Deal, the howling from punditry would be much louder. But white people who exist on the right side of the political divide still get all the benefits of the doubt.

They have never earned that benefit of the doubt, and it is a bad look for DC media. The big difference between the Progressive Caucus and the Freedom Caucus is rather simple and obvious. The Progressive Caucus is about helping people and creating a more equal and diverse society. The Freedom Caucus is about violent domination, selfishness, and tearing everything down. We are seeing this now, glaringly clear.

There are other factors that I do not see much chatter about. One is how pay and benefits to Congressional staffers are in danger thanks to these antics. D.C. ain’t exactly cheap, especially for a junior staffer living on an entry-level salary. I have my doubts about whether Boebert or my hometown’s rep and Insurrection Enthusiast Scott Perry give a shit about this. None of the 20 or so McCarthy enemies do.

As I write this Thursday night, there are signs that things actually look somewhat better for McCarthy. But even if McCarthy manages to land the Speaker seat, he will be the weakest Speaker in American history. He will have no choice but to go even further to the right to appease the maniac caucus.

As fun as this is for us Democrats to watch the Republicans flail around this week, the next two years will not be great for the country.

The last word goes to Gnarls Barkley.



3 thoughts on “Double-Digit Loser

  1. Kevin, unlike Charlie, is unlikely to end up in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. They save only important and valuable relics of American History.

  2. I think the lesson here is the Squad *should* do exactly this for the Green New Real and the Child Tax Credit when the Dems regain the majority.

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