Can’t Trust That Day

We begin the week with a John Phillips reference in the title and a Samuel Fuller reference in the featured image. Not too shabby for a guy who’s not feeling great. I’m not sure if it’s just too much rich food or if I’m sick for the first time since right before the lockdown in 2020. If it’s the latter, my symptoms aren’t COVIDY so there’s that.

Since this the second time I’ve used this title, our first musical interlude is a curveball:

I took much of the weekend off from the news. It’s healthy to do that from time to time, especially in the post Dipshit Insurrection era.

I did, however, note that the New York Times is on the Biden papers beat. Despite all the obvious differences with the Trump papers story, the NYT is both-sidesing the hell outta it. Josh Marshall summed it up beautifully in this post title: NYT Whitewatering Very Strongly.

This constitutes journalistic dick waving by reporters at a “liberal” news organization out to prove their neutrality. Karl Rove and I disagree. Did I just say that?

In other White House news, Ron Klain is stepping aside as Chief-of-Staff. I’m bummed because he’s an able man who did a good job bridging the gaps between Congressional Democrats. He was trusted by all factions, which is hard to do when you’re dealing with Congressional prima donnas on both ends of the political spectrum.

The good news for Klain is that he won’t have to keep his wicked wit in check once he checks out of the West Wing. This could, however, be a segue to Klain’s taking charge of a Biden reelection bid. We haven’t heard the last of Ron Klain.

Ron Klain is only leaving the White House, not DC but I love this song, so I’m posting it anyway.

That’s one of Carl Wilson’s finest vocals. Speaking of musicians from Los Angeles, David Crosby died last week at the age of 81. I was a fan of the bands he was in but not of the man himself.

Growing up in the SF Bay Area, I knew the Crosby-type well; an entitled hippie from a wealthy family. Shorter Adrastos: He was not a very nice man for reasons laid out by Bill Wyman at Vulture. I’ve heard my share of Crosby stories over the years as well. I don’t usually speak ill of the recent dead but I make an exception for misogynists.

Crosby was an excellent harmony vocalist who had good taste in musical compatriots and wrote some fine songs. This is one of them:

Remember the much-ballyhooed SCOTUS leak investigation? Like most such investigations, it ended with a whimper, not a bang.

The Justices themselves seem not to have been under suspicion despite past leaks from Sam the Sham Alito. SCOTUS not only makes the law, it considers itself above it. Earl Warren weeps.

I still have Monday on my mind. The last word goes to Fleetwood Mac:

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