Stand By Your Man

I haven’t written anything about the Biden papers mishigas because I remain convinced that it’s no big whoop. I didn’t think a special prosecutor was warranted but now that there is one, I hope he’s more like the 11th Circuit judges who threw out Trump’s bogus lawsuit than Judge Cannon who bought into it.

The reason I’m writing about this is the deafening silence on the Democratic side. This is nothing like the Trump case yet Dems aren’t defending President Biden. You know there’s something wrong when Turd Blossom DBA Karl Rove has defended Biden but few Congressional Democrats have.

Josh Marshall nailed it in a post entitled: Get A Spine, Trump’s a Crook, Biden’s Not.

Here’s how Josh concludes his piece.

We shouldn’t be afraid of stating clearly and loudly what happened here. Indeed, much of the press momentum behind this story is driven by Democratic sheepishness about it. Republican elected officials are going to town on it while Democrats try to avoid eye contact. That’s embarrassing. One instance here is at most administrative sloppiness; the other is willful theft of government documents, refusal to return them, claims to own U.S. government documents, ongoing obstruction of government attempts to retrieve the documents. Any of these Democratic elected officials should be spending whatever microphone time they have on this reiterating the gravity of Trump’s offenses.


Clearly, they think they are gaining some credibility or credit for evenhandedness but lying or actively misleading people — which is what they are doing — doesn’t make you credible. It certainly gains no credit in a capital still mostly wired for the GOP. We can’t dictate how the “political system” operates but we can choose what part we play in it.

Just think of the full-tilt GOP defense of the Impeached Insult Comedian’s crimes.

Repeat after me: Trump is a crook, Biden is not.

Joe Biden delivered an electoral victory in 2020. His many legislative successes and emphasis on saving democracy prevented the Red Wave that many saw coming.

Biden’s record merits a full-throated defense rather than a finger in the air to gauge the prevailing breeze. If Karl Rove can defend him, so can Adam Schiff who waxed mild on teevee this weekend. This timidity has driven me to praise Rove and to criticize Schiff. I’ve never done either before.

Repeat after me: Trump is a crook, Biden is not.

The last word goes to Tammy Wynette followed by Lyle Lovett: