Wanks For The Memory

The Proud Boys sedition trial is underway in the District of Columbia. They tried to change District to destruct but failed. It was, however, a close call.

It turns out the Proud Boys are Disney fans. The Proud Boys’ mouthpiece argued against the admission of some truly weird evidence. Politico’s Kyle Chaney documented the argument. The second one is the money Tweet:

You learn something new every day. Today I learned that Proud Of Your Boy was a song that was cut from the movie Aladdin but restored to the stage musical. It’s sung by Aladdin to his mother. It inspired the Proud Boys’ name. I guess that makes them mama’s boys. Who knew?

Here’s the song:

One would have thought they were into thrash metal, not show tunes. Repeat after me: You learn something new every day.

I’m simultaneously surprised and relieved by the Aladdin revelation. I feared the name was inspired by this Tubes tune:

There’s another nugget provided by Kyle Chaney. It turns out that the Proud Boys are anti-malakatude. This quote comes from their manual:

I guess they’re not Who fans:

The origin of this rule beats the hell outta me but it’s some deeply weird shit.

I suppose the post title should be No Wanks For The Memory, but I wanted to forget the one-yard rule so the last word goes to Bob Hope:

As you can see, the title is often misstated as Thanks For The Memories. That inspired this Fall Out Boy song:




2 thoughts on “Wanks For The Memory

  1. “We got department stores full of cheap guitars, but when Sputnik plays ’em, you just go, go, Go, GO!”

    I haven’t heard this song in a loooooooooong time.

  2. SURE the Proud Boys are into show tunes!
    …well, the ones in The Producers, at least.

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