The $199.99 Man

The Talented Mr. Santos is at it again. A watchdog group took a sniff at his campaign finance documents and found something that stunk. Anyone surprised?

Candidates are required to provide receipts for all expenses over $200. George/Anthony Santos/Devolder never met a corner he couldn’t cut and claimed to have spent exactly $199.99 thirty-seven times. It’s apparently some sort of record. Santos has set many of those recently.

In other Talented Mr. Santos news, he’s turned into a Twitter troll:

Jon Lovtiz is one of the greatest comedians of all time? Who knew? Not me. He hasn’t been funny since the original pathological liar, Tommy Flanagan, retired.

I guess Anthony D doesn’t know that the last time Lovitz was in the news was for accusing then President Obama of waging class warfare. I thought wingnuts stuck together. Oh well, what the hell.

The last word goes to Jon Lovitz as The Talented Mr. Santos: