Top Ten Reasons Trump Is Running In 2024


I try to write about the Impeached Insult Comedian as rarely as possible. He craves attention and I prefer not to give it to him.

Given his electoral track record, he’s a longshot to win the general election BUT he’s the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. You can’t beat somebody with nobody and nobody is stepping up to challenge the biggest loser. Schmucks.

After a failed experiment as the hermit of Mar-a-Doorn, the Kaiser of Chaos has hit the campaign trail. He left Florida to winter in the Granite State. Who does that? Only an Impeached Insult Comedian with a dead nutria pelt atop his head, that’s who.

That brings me to today’s exercise in pictorial satire. Here are the top ten reasons Trump is running in 2024.

Number Ten:

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine:

Number Eight:

Number Seven:

Number Six, Six, Six:

Number Five:

Number Four: 

Number Three:

Number Two:

And the number one reason Trump is running in 2024:

Since I stole this idea from David Letterman, the last word goes to Warren Zevon on The Late Show: