Balloon-ey Looney

funny looking hot air balloon

The Chinese balloon incident is one of those news events that dominate American attention for a spell and then fade away. I have a feeling it will begin to exit the American psyche this week.

There were some hysterical reactions to the balloon among some in the right-wing social media world. Fortunately, they were just nutjobs with no power, not like there were any elected officials acting like a paranoid wacko.

Oh. Well, then.

Not to be outdone, Crazed Finance Journalist Maria Bartiromo raised the specter of the balloon dropping “surveillance products” like those little blimps that used to drop gift certificates on the crowd at basketball and hockey games back in the 1990s.

THERE ARE TINY CHINESE SURVEILLANCE PRODUCTS IN THIS SALT SHAKER I CAN SEE THEM screams Maria at the waiter before they carry her out of the restaurant to the waiting padded wagon.

Real Americans Who Love The Second Amendment were asked to kindly not try to shoot down the balloon because gravity is one of those pesky things that can interfere with treating a foreign country’s spy device like it’s a Milwaukee’s Best can on a fence post. Now, where would people get the idea they can bring down a large balloon 10 miles up with one of their AR-15s?

Just think, less than a month ago the DC media elite were floating their own balloon, doing a version of “Trump has pivoted” with Taylor-Greene by tentatively declaring her a new voice of reason within the party. That of course is not working out very well.

Republicans smelled an opportunity to go at Biden over this, but I honestly cannot imagine this is working with people who are not their supporters. In other words, functioning human beings.

The funny thing about this is there were Chinese spy balloons during Trump, who did not shoot them down.

This is a good thing, given that the spy balloon and its payload were huge and if it was shot down just any old place, it would put people on the ground in grave danger. Republicans and right-wingers do not seem to care about people on the ground in general, so why would they not hesitate to rain debris down on their homes to make some sick political point?

And as long as you are getting crazy about the balloon, why not tie it into other examples of GOP crazy conspiracies? Stump Dumb and Nuts Congresscritter James Comer raised the alarm bells that the balloon might be dispensing bioweapons from “Wuhan.”

Along with their favorite COVID conspiracies, Sexual Assault Enabler Jim Jordan deserves some sort of award for tieing in gas stoves, and by award I mean 27 hours straight of Stooge slaps.

I have not mentioned the video of an “explosion” over Montana Friday night that the right-wing media and social media world was convinced had to be related to the balloon, despite it being miles away near Kansas City at that point. The video was debunked, but of course, this will become proof of a “cover-up” by the Deep State.

Why was the balloon over our skies? Hard to say. No one knows for certain as yet, and any statement is nothing but speculation. The only thing we know for sure is the GOP/American right is not well.

The last word goes to, who else…Nena.

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  1. Like I said elsewhere:
    Democrats: Looks like Republicans recklessly shot off their mouths too soon, as usual.
    Republicans: It’s never too soon.

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