Rail Force One

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Biden presidency is how the Dark Brandon meme, meant to mock him as an ineffective old man, has morphed into funny ways to celebrate his successes.

MONDAY’s surprise trip to Ukraine was fertile ground for meme makers, made all the more perfect by the sound of the air raid sirens going off as Biden and Zelensky walked through the church grounds. The haters were pretty salty about that and decided the sirens were fake:

Then we got the inside scoop about how it all went down:  an early morning rendezvous at Andrews Air Force Base, confiscated phones, and traveling in the dead of night from Poland to Ukraine. If you haven’t seen those details, some of them are in this thread:

The best new detail that we got was that Biden went into Poland on a train, something he really loves. And not just any train, but one that was fitted out for a presidential journey:

The guy who runs the Ukrainian state-owned railroad made his own meme to celebrate the project’s success:

What a week Biden has already had. I’ll close with a song about a train traveling in the dark:

One thought on “Rail Force One

  1. Going to Kyiv by train is so Biden, it could not possibly be any more Biden.

    In contrast, Trump would have taken a jumbo-jet, then helicopter, then golf-cart, then gently-sloping ramp. And whined the entire way.

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