Let’s Meet The Susan Collins Of The House

You might remember back during the marathon election of Kevin McCarthy to the Speakership of the House that pundits were all abuzz over the Republican moderates who were going to save the party from itself. One of the most frequently mentioned members was Nancy Mace of South Carolina.

You may recognize her name from a news story in 2021 about how her home had been vandalized with graffiti by Antifa. They’ve never arrested a suspect, and there may be some reason to suspect she vandalized her own house.

Mace was everywhere during the extended Speaker election, telling us all about how she was very upset about Kevin McCarthy was making secret deals and assuring us she was seriously thinking about voting against his rules package:

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace said Sunday she is “on the fence” about supporting a rules package that will govern the way the House operates under Republican control, citing the backroom-deal making that occurred with the group of conservatives who initially opposed new Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s bid for the gavel.

“I like the rules package. It is the most open, fair, and fiscally conservative package we’ve had in 30 years. I support it, but what I don’t support is a small number of people trying to get a deal done or deals done for themselves in private, in secret, to get a vote or vote present. I don’t support that,” Mace told “Face the Nation.” “That is just what Nancy Pelosi does. And that’s not what they should be doing. And so I am on the fence right now about the rules package vote tomorrow for that reason.”

And I bet you won’t be surprised Mace voted for it. Because every “moderate Republican” is just a winger Republican in a sheep’s clothing.

How about her fake opposition to removing Omar Ilhan from the House Foreign Affairs Committee? Mace was very insistent that the vote follow due process. But when McCarthy said that he’d promise to follow due process in subsequent removal votes, she eagerly acquiesced. Total garbage move.

Here’s Mace all upset because the Covid Kooks’ medical nonsense never made it to the mainstream:

Here’s Mace upset that the January 6 committee didn’t release all of the security camera tapes, ignoring the danger this presents to everyone who works at the Capitol:

Someone criticized her tweet and she doubled down on the MAGA nonsense:

She was completely unimpressed with Joe Biden’s excellent day in Ukraine:

It’s so disheartening to know that the entire Republican Party has gone over the edge. It’s somehow even more disheartening to know that some of its members think we’re not smart enough to see through their crap. Radiohead can take it from here: