Jealous Guy

A beer isn’t a cocktail but many people drink beer instead of cocktails during the cocktail hour. I drink both as did John Lennon. Did I just use the word cocktail three times in a sentence. Woe is me, bop.

Lennon’s favorite cocktail was Brandy Alexander. I’m not a fan of creamy or milky drinks except for Bourbon milk punch, which has a kick as well as a punch.

While searching for “John Lennon cocktail” I learned that there’s a John Lennon Pub in Prague. Here’s proof that I am not making this up:

That was a digressive opening even by my standards. Let’s get on with the music.

John Lennon wrote Jealous Guy in 1971 for the Imagine album. I like it more than the title track. Of course, I like most songs more than Imagine. Imagine that.

We begin with the songwriter:

Roxy Music’s cover of Jealous Guy was one of their biggest radio hits. Bryan Ferry assumed co-ownership of the song long ago. He certainly owned it at Live Aid with the great David Gilmour on guitar.

Donny Hathaway brought some soul to Lennon’s white boy angst. Soft soul? WTF is that?

Belinda Carlisle cut the Lennon classic in 1996.

I had never heard of quirky Hawaiian artists, The Pahinui Bros, until I listened to Chuck Taggart’s David Lindley edition of Safe At Home. Thanks, kind sir.

Their Jealous Guy features Mr. Dave and the album’s co-producer, Ry Cooder.

Finally, New Orleans based folk-rockers Hurrah For The Riff Raff. Huzzah.

What’s a Friday Cocktail Hour without an instrumental version of the week’s tune? This time, Hank Marvin & The Shadows.

That’s it for this week. Raise your glass and toast the coming of Spring. It’s what The Hollywood Vampires would want. Never argue with John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Mickey Dolenz, and  a mystery chick who Mickey says if NOT Mackenzie Phillips.

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  1. I was in Prague in December, and we meant to go to the Lennon shrine, but there was so much else to see that we missed it.

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