Tweet Of The Day: Dave Davies Edition

I somehow missed a Kinks controversy.  In this corner, on lead guitar and vocals, Dave Davies. In the other corner, on malakatude and all-around assholery, Elon Musk.

The same thing happened to me with an Odds & Sods share. Who knew that posting The Kinks would suck instead of rock?

I discovered this week old story on Slate.  It’s a technology writer, Nitish Pahwa. No wonder I missed it. I hope Frank Lima doesn’t revoke my status as a Kinks fan. Inside joke.

Here’s my favorite sound bite from  Dave:

The word kinks has many connotations, everything from a kink in a rope, or kinky being quirky, which was really the main thing behind it. We were the Kinks because we were different and quirky, unusual, all that stuff. If there’s a programmer out there that can unravel the mystery, I’d be very grateful.

Dave hasn’t been so disrespected since big brother Ray used to introduce him as Dave “Death of a Clown” Davies as on this album:

I don’t spend enough time on Twitter to witness British Kinks fans slagging on the Chief Twit. They’re tough verging on mean. I had an online argument with one over The Kinks Dozen. They’re excellent allies and terrible enemies. Oh well, what the hell.

I’m not sure if DD gets the whole algorithm thing. That’s the problem with firing engineers and coders. They’re the one who keep a platform like Twitter running. This algorithm seems overly literal, especially since The Kinks have come up many times in the bird app’s history. That exhausts my knowledge of and interest in Tweeter Tube tech.

I fibbed at the end of the last paragraph. Word Press is having a problem with its automatic Twitter connection. I have to do it manually. Also, what’s up with the dog image on the top of everyone’s home page? Does it symbolize the fact that Twitter has gone to the dogs under Musk? All I’ve got are questions.

Back to Dave Davies.

Dave is particularly upset because it’s The Kinks 60th anniversary and there’s a compilation to promote. This is the first year in a while that there haven’t been reunion rumors. I’ve never believed them. I was raised to be suspicious of things that are too good to be true.

Yo, Elon, FREE THE KINKS. Give Dave Davies some relief from the Twitter sensitive content warning blues.

Repeat after me: FREE THE KINKS.

The last word goes to The Kinks. Who else? It’s the biggest hit Dave Davies ever wrote. It’s also the title of his memoirs. What else?

UPDATE: It happened again. FREE THE KINKS.

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  1. Like Pink Floyd getting yelled at by homophobes over the Dark Side of the Moon album cover. Let these old British gentlemen be, you tossers.

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