Mike Wallace Weeps

I’m following up on Jamie O’s post about that fakakta 60 Minutes interview with the dread Marge Greene.

I used to be an avid 60 Minutes viewer until CBS mishandled the Lara Logan incident in 2013. She should have been fired on the spot. It was a year after Mike Wallace’s death.

Wallace was an imperfect man who engaged in locker room talk at the office. Off the air, he became a relic; on the air, he remained a master inquisitor into his old age.

Wallace was hard on almost everyone. He even asked Horowitz about his rivalry with Rubenstein. End of long hair music passage.

My favorite Mike Wallace moment was when he grilled Ayatollah Khomeini during the Hostage Crisis. Essentially, Wallace asked the Ayatollah if he was a lunatic or bad Muslim. Wallace lived for 32 more years after the interview aired.

A 2019 documentary about the late newsman had an excellent title: Mike Wallace Is Coming.

It captures the terror that many felt when they heard Wallace was showing up with a camera crew.

That concludes my recap of CBS News’ long gone glory days. I named CBS News malaka of the week last year.

Mike Wallace weeps.

Jamie’s matinee post captured the true awfulness of the Lesley Stahl-Marge Greene interview. I’m trying to avoid stepping on his work. My focus is 60 Minutes, not the QAnon Lady. She’ll always be that to me no matter how much she lies about her past.

Time to put on my media critic hat. It’s a size 8 1/4 fedora.

The interview was not a Wallace-style grilling. Stahl pushed Marge a little but not hard enough. Her pro-Putin stance on the Ukraine War is relegated to an online feature. I’m not going to your fakakta web site CBS. No fucking way.

Mike Wallace weeps.

The worst part was Lesley Stahl on the town with Marge. They went to the gym together. Lesley watched Marge lift weights. Lift, Marge, lift.

Mike Wallace weeps.

Even worse was a walkabout in Marge’s district. Some lady hugs Marge and tells her she’s great or some such shit.

Marge’s reply was “welcome to freedom.” Lesley chuckled. Chuckle, Lesley, Chuckle.

Mike Wallace weeps.

I remember when Lesley Stahl was an old school reporter who was tough on people like Marge. It was the 60 Minutes way.

Mike Wallace weeps.

I guess Lesley has mellowed with age. Mike Wallace did not.

Mike Wallace weeps.

Sometimes, the obvious song is the right choice. The last word goes to The Dominoes followed by Clarence Carter.

6 thoughts on “Mike Wallace Weeps

  1. Just want y’all to know I’d picked “Sixty Minute Man” for tomorrow’s Mike’s Blog Round-Up before I saw this.

  2. Now, in the names of all the gods at once,
    Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed,
    That he is grown so great? Age, thou art shamed!
    Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!

  3. I was not going to watch it but I did anyway. It was a pitiful interview given the vitriol and stupidity of MTG. I did not care for Mike Wallace either but he would have eviscerated her.

  4. After looking at that montage of shots on Rep. Greene’s tweet, I was half surprised there wasn’t a picture of Lesley and Marjorie braiding each other’s hair while eating raw cookie dough.

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