Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – false fag edition

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Well, apparently our reader Gratuitous wanted to hear what the Freepers are saying about the Grand Indictment.

It’s about what you would expect :

To: 2nd Amendment

What’s this garbage that Fox News is spouting about 60% of Americans supporting Trump indictment. Are we that far gone?

9 posted on 4/4/2023, 7:21:05 AM by 2nd Amendment

To: 2nd Amendment

All Fox News polls are leftist nonsense.

17 posted on 4/4/2023, 7:40:55 AM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

Because of course they are…

To: OHPatriot

“If things get Sporty…”I’m guessing that Antifa will show up – donning MAGA costumes, feign protest, then turn violent, then it’ll be called an “insurrection”, many will be detained, some (!) will be instantly released, others (!) will be charged and years from now we still won’t know who’s who.

Trump will be blamed, and BINGO! J6 gets a new name “A4”.

20 posted on 4/4/2023, 7:47:53 AM by kinsman redeemer (The real enemy seeks to devour what is good. )
Does MTgoblin count?
To: janetjanet998

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 @RepMTGI’m here in NY to protest with my voice against the weaponization of the justice system on innocent President Trump, but the counter protestors are coming to commit assault that can cause audible damage to everyone’s ears including NYPD.

Diagnosable damage to what is left of her brain, IMHO.

To: McGruff

“Audible damage”? I guess she means “auditory damage”.

30 posted on 4/4/2023, 8:06:50 AM by CatHerd (Whoever said “All’s fair in love and war” probably never participated in either.)

Don’t stop her – she’s on a roll.
To: McGruff

Comments at the original Rsbn site are indicating there have been no large scale protests in favor of Trump seen anywhere with the exception of small groups at Mar-a-Lago, FL and Bedminster, NJ. If FBI and Antifa/BLM armed infiltration of MAGA support groups in NYC today is a real threat, maybe that’s best. We don’t need any more of our people killed or arrested and taken as political prisoners. Goddamn the Biden/Obama admins and those who voted for them to hell for what they have done to this country. I can’t imagine what we look like to the rest of the civilized world right now. It must be pinching itself trying to make sure this is not just a nightmare it will shortly awaken from.

26 posted on 4/4/2023, 7:57:03 AM by 4Runner

That is the longest screed ever typed just to say “Nobody showed up.”.
It actually gets worse after that.
To: TTFlyer

Where is the GOP?

Looking for a hiding place. Scared little men.

33 posted on 4/4/2023, 8:25:48 AM by Deo volente (“When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation.” Pres. Trump)
To: janetjanet998

The Democrats have their Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby ready to end Trump’s life. Only question is where and when during these proceedings.

35 posted on 4/4/2023, 8:29:33 AM by TornadoAlley3 ( I’m Proud To Be An Okie From Muskogee)

Damn. NOW you tell me??? I would have taped it!
To: McGruff

I fear that there will be false flag liberal, democrat and FBI agents there to instigate violence in the Trump demonstration just like in the Jan 6.

42 posted on 4/4/2023, 8:52:55 AM by DOC44 ( )

Of course there will be.
How about that MTgoofball. though?
To: CatHerd

She made a great appearance on 60 Minutes.

Stood up. Didn’t take any crap— and that is AFTER the highly edited interview.

Think about changing your mind. We are at a turning point in this Country.

67 posted on 4/4/2023, 9:58:58 AM by kinsman redeemer (The real enemy seeks to devour what is good

So – the Freeperati loved MTgoonie’s 60 minutes “interview”.
That’s all you have to know about THAT.
To: kinsman redeemer

She called all Democrats pedophiles on 60 Minutes. Sounds nutty and stupid to most people. Does not win our side any sympathy. She was a Q follower, too. Really stupid look, sorry.

74 posted on 4/4/2023, 10:01:49 AM by CatHerd (Whoever said “All’s fair in love and war” probably never participated in either.)



Let’s jump to the end of the live thread, shall we?


So – no protest that wasn’t outnumbered by journalists.
Maybe The Darnold can just talk it all away? At the press conference?

That presser was downright embarrassing. What am I missing? The biggest stretch I’ve ever seen…

419 posted on 4/4/2023, 3:34:23 PM by gloryblaze

With much searching and consideration, I have found the actual transcript of what The Darnold said to the antifa press :

” Why, when I was held the other day for evasion of federal taxes I nearly got myself into a fine pickle. Certain officials wished to make a bargain with me. If I’d plead guilty and go to jail for two and a half years they’d dismiss the charges they had against me. A pretty penny had to be paid, but I thought that that was better than the strain of a long winded trial.

A day or so before the bargain was to be struck, though. I learned that someone was going to go to the Appellate Court and that there’d be a fly in the ointment and they’d have me in Leavenworth for ten and a half years. So I decided I could be just as foxy, and we entered a plea of not guilty, and when the case comes up we’ll see what we will see. “

Al Capone

Oops. Wrong felon.


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