Florida Freezeout, Rainy Night In Georgia

I haven’t perfected a nickname for Ron DeSantis. I dislike the ones floating around. Meatball Ron is a lame ethnic slur. Plus, who among us doesn’t like meatballs?

I don’t like DeMoron or DeSanctimonious either. I don’t use other people’s nicknames. There’s no fun in that.

My entries are D Duce Wannabe and the latest, The Louse. The latter may only work when paired with The Mouse. The Mussolini one works because, like the Italian demagogue, DeSantis is an opportunist who only believes in himself. I don’t know why otherwise sensible people like Amanda Marcotte think otherwise. Perhaps it’s more comforting to believe these shits believe in something however vile.

Another reason the Florida Man is running is his wife. Casey DeSantis is desperate to be First Lady. She appears to be a Jackie Kennedy wannabe. There was only one Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis even if Casey D imitates her fashion sense:

That concludes the Adrastos fashion report. All I know about women’s fashion is from watching Project Runway.

Back to politics.

There’s an amusing report by TPM’s Nicole Lafond about Ronnie D’s problems in getting Florida Congresscritters to support him in 2024. I’m kinda fonda the second part of Lafond’s title, Didn’t Know Florida Could Be So Cold.

“Two more Republican members of Florida’s congressional delegation have completely ignored Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plea to hold off on endorsing Donald Trump while he tricks absolutely no one into thinking he’s still mulling a presidential election.

Reps. Greg Steube and John Rutherford announced this week that they’re throwing their weight behind the other Florida resident’s 2024 bid, both issuing Trump endorsements dripping with MAGA flair.”

The Florida freezeout is another reason D Duce Wannabe won’t be the GOP nominee in 2024. Why would MAGA Republicans support a Trump imitator when the real thing is running? I also expect The Louse to drop his phony anti-Disney shtick after he withdraws from the race. The Mouse is forever.

Bruce Springsteen used to introduce his lead guitar player as Miami Steve Van Zandt. That frail reed and the word freezeout is why The Boss gets the last word of the segment:

Bruce used a hyphen. I do not. We’re both correct according to Dictionary.com.

Enough word play, let’s move north to:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis election scam inquiry seems to be shifting into hyperdrive:

“The Atlanta-area prosecutor investigating efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election indicated Tuesday that she has conducted fresh interviews with some of the Republican activists who falsely claimed to be Georgia’s legitimate presidential electors.

In a court filing Tuesday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis noted that her office conducted those interviews on April 12 and April 14, suggesting an active and ongoing investigation. Willis disclosed in the filing that more than one of the false electors had described potential violations of Georgia state law by another one.

Willis is urging the judge overseeing the matter to disqualify the lawyer who represents 10 of the false electors, an arrangement she had previously challenged — with limited success — because of the potential for conflict among the different false electors. Now that some have provided testimony implicating others in potential crimes, Willis’ office argued, it is no longer tenable for them to share the same attorney, Kimberly Debrow.”

Is Kimberly de highbrow or de lowbrow? Presumably, the latter. She’s bound to be upset by this move because it indicates that some of her clients are ready to flip.

It’s time for DA Willis to make her move. I seem to have indictment fever.

Stay tuned.

The last word goes to Boz Scaggs with his mournful version of Rainy Night In Georgia:

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  1. When a conflict of interest develops during an attorney’s representation of multiple clients, the attorney often is disqualified from representing any of the clients. Debrow could very well find herself out of the matter entirely, and not getting paid by anybody.

    1. True. This also strikes me as a prosecution tactic to shake more witnesses loose.

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