Irked In May

The featured image is of the original Bertie DBA Edward VII”s coronation parade. I didn’t get up early for his great-great grandson’s big day, but I watched the highlights on Britbox. An hour of royal pageantry is enough for me. I’m a royal watcher, not a royalist, after all.

I’m stiff, sore, and sunburnt from Jazz Fest. We haven’t attended on the last day for many years. It was crowded but we avoided the big closing acts and saw the Texas alt-country supergroup, The Flatlanders with Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely, and Butch Hancock. They were excellent but I’m still stiff, sore, and sunburnt, which finds me cranky of a Tuesday morning. You know what that means.

Let’s get irked by some irksome things in the news.

I’m irked that London coppers arrested protestors during the coronation. Since it was a royal event, did they lock them up in the Tower?

There was no need to arrest peaceful protestors, Charles and Camilla are:

I’m irked by the MSM’s political coverage. They still think it’s a pre-Trump/Dipshit Insurrection world and that we’re back to politics as usual. We may have seen the end of stratospheric presidential poll ratings. How can Biden rise above 60% approval when a chunk of the country are shareholders in the BIG LIE.

I’m irked by the whole debt ceiling mishigas. GOP majorities passed a clean debt ceiling hike when Trump was president. They’ve changed their minds but pretend to be principled. Ted Cruz is as principled as he is charming.

I’m irked that Tailgunner Ted can’t tell the difference between two Black lawyers:

That’s Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, not Cruz challenger Colin Allred. I bet Ted wouldn’t like it if he were confused with this thirsty Cuban American pol:

Rubio is, however, much better looking than Cruz. This should be Ted’s theme song. It’s as annoying as he is:

I’m irked by the reaction of Texas Republicans whenever a mass shooting takes place in the Lone Star state. They claim that guns are part of their frontier heritage but many towns in the Old West made cowboys check their firearms with the local police. Much more effective than thoughts and prayers.

I’m irked that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed a law that makes it easier to bring local prosecutors to heel. Did the Peach State lege have a specific DA in mind?

I’m irked that Oath Keepers honcho Elmer Stewart Rhodes is asking for leniency after being convicted of seditious conspiracy. The prosecution is seeking a 25-year sentence for Rhodes. His lawyers think his sentence should be time served. He’s only been incarcerated for 16 months. Oy, just oy.

Elmer’s so vain, he probably thinks this song is about him:

I’m irked that the MSM missed the real significance of Proud Boys caudillo Enrique Tarrio’s conviction for seditious conspiracy. This is it: he wasn’t at the riot, he manipulated things from afar. The same could be said of the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. Stay tuned.

I still don’t know what the Proud Boys have to be proud of. The ironic last word goes to those consummate ironists The Tubes:


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