Rudy Giuliani: America’s Degenerate

Rudy Giuliani used to be the most overrated man in American public life. The “what happened to Rudy” articles pop up every time he fucks up. They should stop with those already. Rudy was always *this* guy even when the publicity gods were on his side.

Any time Rudy opens his mouth and says something untrue and awful, someone cites his circa 2001 nickname: America’s Mayor. He was never that guy. He was elected  after running an overtly racist campaign against a fine gentleman, David Dinkins. Is that how America’s Mayor conducts himself? The MSM should be ashamed of itself for turning this mook into a hero.

Rudy just went through his third messy divorce. Right before 9/11 he was in disgrace in New York because of his second messy divorce. Make that messy and public divorces.

Through it all, Rudy’s pals in the media stuck by him, which is how he ended up running one of the worst presidential campaigns in American history. By most accounts, that’s when his heavy drinking began as well as his endless money grubbing. Rudy was an asshole before 2008, but that’s when America’s Mayor became America’s Degenerate.

I recapped the sordid story of Rudy’s pre-Trump regime life to establish that he was always *this* guy.

That brings me to the law suit filed by a former kinda sorta employee, Noelle Dunphy. I say kinda sorta employee because Ms. Dunphy was promised a hefty salary but received only token payments in addition to Rudy’s endless sexual advances. It seems the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover is a degenerate drunk who was hopped up on Viagra. Rudy popped Viagra as if they were SweeTarts. I am not making this up.

I read the pleading filed by Dunphy’s lawyers and it’s full of what Rudy and his pal former President* Pennywise call locker room talk. In his dealings with Dunphy, Rudy made a big and bigly stupid mistake:

Giuliani and Ms. Dunphy also discussed during [her job] interview that she one day write a book on Giuliani and Trump. Giuliani gave Ms. Dunphy permission to record her interactions with Giuliani anytime, anywhere, as well as Giuliani’s interactions with others. Giuliani thereafter continually permitted and authorized Ms. Dunphy to make such recordings. He never asked her to stop recording any interaction. At times, Giuliani pressed “record” himself on Ms. Dunphy’s cell phone to record their conversations.

Who authorizes their own confession to be preserved for posterity without being in police custody? Only a degenerate horndog with a booze-soaked brain would do such a thing.

Dunphy’s complaint contains a litany of lewd and lascivious comments and conduct as well as the sort of bigoted banter we expect from Rudy Giuliani. If you don’t feel like reading the whole legal document, Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin does an excellent job of summarizing it.

Here are a few bigoted and disgusting lowlights via Ms. Levin. Rudy’s drunken rants included:

  • Implying Jewish men’s penises were small due to “natural selection.”
  • Saying, “Black guys hit women more than anybody else does…and so do Hispanic guys—it is in their culture.” 
  • Saying, “Jews want to go through their freaking Passover all the time, man oh man. Get over the Passover. It was like 3,000 years ago. The red sea parted, big deal. It’s not the first time that happened.”
  • Comments about “freakin Arabs.”
  • “Demean[ing] and sexualiz[ing] Hillary Clinton and mock[ing] her body”
  • “Demean[ing] and sexualiz[ing] Margaret Thatcher”—yes, Margaret Thatcher—and “wonder[ing] about the effect she would have on his penis”
  • Saying, “If my life depended on it, if I had to make love to Nancy Pelosi, I couldn’t do it. I’d have to die.”
  • Referring to an employee as “fat“ and saying he felt sorry for her because she was fat; also saying he was “trying not to feed” her
  • Disparaging “a female lawyer because of her breast size”
  • Saying Mike Bloomberg “became gay” after his wife left him
  • Referring to Matt Damon as a “fag”
  • Saying, of Elizabeth Warren: “Pocahontas was a really hot babe, and Warren does not look like a babe. She looks like a person in search of a gender.” (And then later that he was “very hot” for the senator.)
  • Telling Dunphy: “You’re so easy to take advantage of”

Dunphy isn’t the only one this sordid creep has taken advantage of.

The most serious non-sexual allegation against Rudy is that he bragged about selling pardons for two million bucks and sharing the proceeds with his presidential pal. It has the ring of truth but consider the title of a recent MSNBC documentary about Giuliani:

It’s still streaming on Peacock. It’s an excellent 4-part docuseries that make this point: Rudy Giuliani has always been a lying racist sexist homophobe. The MSM built him up and is finally taking a wrecking ball to this disbarred and disgraced dirtbag.

Rudy’s relentless advocacy of the BIG LIE is completely in character. Aberrant and abhorrent behavior is Rudy Giuliani’s jam.

There’s no mystery as to why Rudy didn’t settle this case. He’s broke. His lies on behalf of the Kaiser of Chaos led to the suspension of his law license in the Empire State. I called him disbarred earlier. Consider that artistic license, his disbarment is inevitable. It’s what this licentious creep deserves.

I like it when bad things happen to bad people. Rudy Giuliani hasn’t touched bottom yet but there’s a good chance that he and Defendant Trump will soon exchange locker room talk in the dock. When that happens, there will be more stories about Rudy’s fall from America’s Mayor to America’s Degenerate. Don’t believe them. He was always *this* guy.

The last word goes to the late Lou Reed with a song in which he name checks his former mayor:



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