Beautiful Mind Boxes?

Another example of how fucking weird the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian is:

“During President Donald J. Trump’s years in the White House, his aides began to refer to the boxes full of papers and odds and ends he carted around with him almost everywhere as the “beautiful mind” material.

It was a reference to the title of a book and movie depicting the life of John F. Nash Jr., the mathematician with schizophrenia played in the film by Russell Crowe, who covered his office with newspaper clippings, believing they held a Russian code he needed to crack.

The phrase had a specific connotation. The aides employed it to capture a type of organized chaos that Mr. Trump insisted on, the collection and transportation of a blizzard of newspapers and official documents that he kept close and that seemed to give him a sense of security.

One former White House official, who was granted anonymity to describe the situation, said that while the materials were disorganized, Mr. Trump would notice if somebody had riffled through them or they were not arranged in a particular way. It was, the person said, how “his mind worked.”

Every day is boxing day for the Kaiser of Chaos.

What does Russell Crowe think about this? I bet he knows the difference between boxes and boxers after Cinderella Man:

I had a weird dream about boxes after writing Trump By Numbers: 37 Counts. I was neck deep in boxes in a small room. They weren’t “Beautiful Mind boxes” they were boxes from one of the best pizzerias in New Orleans:

I ordered pizza from them later that day. Mmm, pizza.

I hope that dream is not a sign of a disordered mind:

One thing is certain: Donald Trump will never win an Oscar.

Try singing this classic folk song substituting Trumpy boxes for little boxes. It works. The last word goes to Malvina Reynolds.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind Boxes?

  1. As soon as I heard of trump’s beyond weird attachment to the boxes, the image that popped into my head was the promo poster for Steve Martin’s “The Jerk.”

  2. “One thing is certain: Donald Trump will never win an Oscar.”

    He will also never win an Emmy, despite multiple nominations for “The Apprentice.” The closest he came was winning “Emmy Idol” for singing the theme to “Green Acres” with Megan Mullally.

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