Just Biden Time

I didn’t originally plan to weigh in on the Hunter Biden mishigas, but a snappy title is a terrible thing to waste. I can’t believe I’ve never made that pun on Biden before. I must be slipping.

The GOP’s Hunter Biden hunt continues even after his plea deal. I don’t get their obsession: Hunter Biden isn’t the first presidential kin to cause problems and he won’t be the last. Hence the featured image pairing Joe and Hunter Biden with Jimmy and Billy Carter.

The Republican wolves are baying for blood. They think the plea bargain confirms that Joe Biden is corrupt. It does not.

The facts absolve the president of any taint from his troubled son’s issues. Joe Biden left a Trump-appointed US Attorney in place to deal with his Hunter’s legal issues. A corrupt president would have fired the US Attorney and shut down the investigation.

I’m not sure whether to call the GOP’s outrage fake, phony, ersatz, or synthetic. It’s all four. The best word to describe it is projection. The last Republican president* is the most corrupt by far in American history, so that’s the insult his supporters hurl at anyone who opposes them. In a word: sickening.

The Republican projectionists can’t even keep their story straight as pointed out by TPM’s David Kurtz:

The Deep State is at once all-powerful and feckless. Biden is both protecting his son and letting him be convicted. A failure to prosecute is corrupt. So is a decision to prosecute.”

Legal pundit Bradley Moss concurred with Kurtz:

You say circus, I say freak show. Let’s call the whole thing off.

I feel sorry for Hunter Biden. It can’t be easy being a great man’s son. It can’t be easy being Beau Biden’s brother either. Beau was such a paragon that the only role left for his kid brother was family wastrel. That’s a fancy way of saying fuck up.

There’s alcoholism in the Biden family tree. That’s why Joe Biden is a teetotaler and two of his children have had issues with addiction. Many of Hunter Biden’s problems can be ascribed to addiction. He’s sick. I don’t believe in attacking sick people. That’s downright, well, sick.

The only thing President Biden is guilty of is loving his wayward son. That’s commendable, not a crime. Many GOPers claim to be good Christians but they don’t seem to recall this statement by the founder of their faith:

The GOP’s Hunter Biden hunt is so horrible, that I’m obliged to quote The Bible. There’s a first time for everything.

The last word goes to Ella Fitzgerald followed by Hank Snow with another song with the title Bidin’ My Time:


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  1. Even the Pharisees slunk away in shame when Jesus confronted them; no so these Republicans!

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