The Return Of The Crunchy Granola Machiavelli

Few of us want to relive the 2016 campaign. The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian is one who does: it was the last election his side won, after all. It looks as if Cornel Wilde and Jill Stein are also down with a flashback to the bad trip that was 2016. Bummer, man.

Jill Stein was the second worst figure to emerge on the national political scene in 2016. She was the Green Party nominee for president and ran a snide, deceptive, and self-righteous campaign. She thought she could talk Bernie Sanders into running atop the Green Party ticket. He declined because he recognized the menace of Trumpism. The offer was the subject of one of my all-time favorite post titles, Jill Stein: Crunchy Granola Machiavelli.

This time around Stein isn’t the candidate. She’s running the nomination campaign of Dr. Cornel West, philosopher and liberal hater. In 2016, West moved from supporting Sanders in the primaries to endorsing Stein based on the notion that the major parties are the same and that Hillary Clinton was even worse than Donald Trump. They were wrong on both scores.

The tagline on Slate’s story about the West-Stein team says it all: Jill Stein Is Running Cornel West’s Campaign. Didn’t They Learn Anything in 2016?

No. Next question. That’s my stock answer to ridiculous questions.

The Steins and Wests of the world are know-it-alls who never learn from their mistakes because they never admit to making any. Sound familiar? This guy claims to have never made any mistakes either:

Image by Michael F.

As in 2016, Third Party fever is sweeping the nation. The country has been in a bad mood for years, so why not do something different? We tried that in 2016, the results were catastrophic. We’re only now getting out of the hole dug by radical right-wing Republicans who insist on violating the rule of holes: when you’re in one, stop digging.

Ron DeSantis digs digging as does former President* Pennywise only he has his valet, Waltine Saltine Nauta, do the digging for him. The whole party keeps digging as they drank this after nominating Trump:

Image by Michael F.

Age is the reason many claim to oppose a Biden-Trump rematch. Ageism is one of the last acceptable forms of prejudice among otherwise decent people. Being old is the only thing Joe Biden and the Kaiser of Chaos have in common. Biden has delivered as president whereas all Trump did was cut his own taxes and stage a coup.

The irony of the age issue as applied to Team West-Stein is that Cornel is 70 and Jill is 73. I am not making this up.

Jill Stein is a terrible person who is suspected of taking Russian money and who definitely accepted campaign contributions from reactionary  Republicans. Her attitude is: if both parties are terrible, why not take money from climate change deniers?

Jill Stein and her ilk have led European Green Parties to look askance at the American Green Party. The Europeans focus on the environmental issues that make them Green. The only green the Crunchy Granola Machiavelli is interested in is money.

I neglected to remind our readers that Jill Stein attended a dinner honoring a Russian state media outlet in 2015 and sat at the same table as Putin and Mike Flynn:

I don’t usually do the guilt by association thing but what is a self-righteous American lefty doing hanging out with a bunch of Fascist thugs? I thought she was purer than the Democrats she hates so much.

I’ve written in the past about Trump Derangement Syndrome, Jill Stein and Cornel West seem to have Liberal Derangement Syndrome. They’re like the old lefties who were useful idiots for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Berlin Wall, what wall? The Americans made them do it.

That’s the same sort of blinkered thinking that has led the Steins of the world to think that the circa 2023 Democratic and Republican parties are tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. West and Stein are the dum-dums who haven’t learned from their mistakes because they’re too pure to have made any. #sarcasm.

I’m waiting for the Crunchy Granola Machiavelli to pull a Dick Cheney and anoint herself as West’s running mate. Of course, Cheney did it to attain power. Stein will do it for the attention because all the Greens can be is spoilers.

That concludes my take on this unwanted sequel, The Return of The Crunchy Granola Machiavelli. It’s almost as scary as last week’s horror movie sequel, Son Of Locker Room Talk: Trump’s Bravado Defense.

The last word goes to Bad Company:


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