Gret Stet Lege Veto-Override Session Top Ten List

A few explanatory notes about the post title:

Molly Ivins was the one who shortened legislature to lege. I only steal from the best.

Gret Stet is a riff on how former Louisiana Governor Earl Long pronounced great state. You say great state, I say Gret Stet. Let’s call the whole thing off. What would I do without Ira Gershwin?

On with the show this is it.

The Louisiana lege has never been known as the most enlightened body, but it’s gotten worse because of term limits pushed by David Vitter at the end of the last century. Blue Dog Democrats have been replaced by increasingly right-wing Republicans culminating in a super-majority in both houses.

During this year’s regular session, the Republican majority imitated its wingnutty brethren elsewhere, passing a series of cruel and homophobic measures. Governor Edwards vetoed the hell out of the worst GOP bills, which resulted in the one-day veto-override session.

I’ll let the local rag describe the action:

“After a day of high drama and emotional outbursts from spectators, the Legislature struck down Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of a ban on youth access to gender-affirming health care, aligning Louisiana with a growing list of states that have restricted medical treatment for transgender people.

But Republicans also failed to overturn Edwards on 24 other vetoes, mustering overrides on two other bills in the House that then fell short of the two-thirds majority needed in the Senate. The special veto override session — the third of its kind in Louisiana’s history — ended after one day with just a single veto overridden.

Among the measures that Edwards prevailed in blocking were two more Republican attempts to target LGBTQ+ youth. One would have prevented transgender students from using alternate pronouns, and the other would have prohibited discussion of gender and sexuality in schools.”

Isn’t that special? It’s also petty as the Governor noted in a statement after the session ended:

“Today, I was overridden for the second time, on my veto of a bill that needlessly harms a very small population of vulnerable children, their families, and their health care professionals. I expect the courts to throw out this unconstitutional bill, as well.”

Such egregious malakatude deserves mockery. I give you the Gret Stet Lege Veto-Override Session Top Ten List.

Number-10 was coined by one of the best members of the lege, New Orleans State Rep. Mandie Landry who is politer than I am. I have good table manners but I’m mouthy. I guess y’all knew that already.

On with the list, this is it.











The last one broke the format but it’s my favorite putdown of hypocritical GOPers who claim to be good Christians but violate the teachings of the founder of their faith. I was under the mistaken impression that Jesus believed in helping, not harming, people including sinners. They’re mighty tolerant of the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian who’s not just a sinner but a SINNER. The malakatude, it burns.

Shorter Adrastos: Gret Stet Lege Republicans can go fuck themselves.

The last word goes to Randy Newman: