Fitch The Snitch

Last year the reactionaries who constitute the Republican Party won a huge victory against women’s rights when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing radically right state legislatures to ban abortion. You might have thought that would have been enough.

Unfortunately movements built on cruelty and hatred need continual reinforcement to keep the group going, and the women-hating wingnuts have open ed another attack on women:  obtaining the medical records of anyone who lives in a state where abortion and/or gender-affirming care are banned who travels in search of that care.

These ghouls are upset because the Biden administration is trying to tighten HIPAA protections for women seeking abortion care. Here’s part of the press release about it:

This rule would prohibit doctors, other health care providers, and health plans from disclosing individuals’ protected health information, including information related to reproductive health care, under certain circumstances. Specifically, the rule would prevent an individual’s information from being disclosed to investigate, sue, or prosecute an individual, a health care provider, or a loved one simply because that person sought, obtained, provided, or facilitated legal reproductive health care, including abortion.

Sounds good to me. Plus the new rule will protect the medical records of minors who are getting gender-affirming health care. THIS is what the government is supposed to do:  protect the vulnerable and to make sure that people can freely exercise their civil rights to body autonomy.

The response from the extremists on the right tells you all you need to know about all of their mealy-mouthed pronouncements championing FREEDUM! See, the Mississippi Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, is simply not going to stand for not being able to find out if anyone from her state went to another state for the medical care she doesn’t want them to have.

And not only that, Fitch the Snitch and the other 18 AGs have decided that the Dobbs decision means that abortion is entirely a state matter and so

So Fitch the Snitch wrote a letter to the Biden administration about the new proposed rule, and the 18 other snitches signed on.  Here’s what she had to say:

The Administration, however, has pushed a false narrative that States are seeking to treat pregnant women as criminals or punish medical personnel who provide lifesaving care. Based on this lie, the Administration has sought to wrest control over abortion back from the people in defiance of the Constitution and Dobbs.

Boo hoo hoo. Fitch the Snitch can wail as much as she wants because the truth is that she and the other 18 snitches had indeed planned to go after women who traveled for abortion care. Thank you to the Biden administration for shutting down this creepy and cruel behavior.

Between this aggravating news and the horrible situation in Texas that I wrote about earlier this week, I hope we get some happy indictment news very soon to balance things out.

This seems like a fitting end to this post: