Expunge KMac

Despite the press-to-play button, the featured image is a picture, not a video. I wouldn’t subject you to the inane blather of KMac and the Kaiser Of Chaos.

I will, however, subject you to the fakakta plan to expunge Trump’s impeachments. I object to anything short of a conviction that requires me to modify this nickname, The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. In the immortal words of Dana Carvey as Poppy Bush:

Some House GOPers are dreaming the impossible dream, fighting the impossible fight to expunge both Trump impeachments. There’s a problem: there’s no such thing as an expungement. It’s like going on a snipe hunt and expecting to eat snipe for dinner. It’s like expecting to find intelligent life at Mar-a-Lago. It’s like this song from Man Of La Mancha:

I hope you didn’t think I was talking about this guy:

Image by Michael F.

The Man of La Manchin’s flirtation with running for president on the No Labels ticket is an impossible dream for another time. Would I waste Luther Vandross on that mook?

Politico reported that KMac was onboard after pissing off his lord and master:

“To calm Trump, McCarthy made him a promise, according to a source close to Trump and familiar with the conversation: The House would vote to expunge the two impeachments against the former president. And — as McCarthy would communicate through aides later that same day — they would do so before August recess.

That vow — made reflexively to save his own skin — may have bought McCarthy some time, staving off a public war with the man who almost single-handedly rehabilitated his entire career and ensured he won the gavel in January. But it has also put McCarthy in a bind — and Trump world plans to hold him to his promise.”

Politico then went on a snipe hunt for moderate Republicans. It’s an extinct species but there are some House GOPers who think reminding voters of the Dipshit Insurrection is idiotic. KMac found himself in hot water with them and began crawfishing, saying that he was only thinking about it. KMac think? I’m not certain if that’s a fantasy or dream. I am, however, certain that Johnny Mercer and Dr. John know from dreams:

The House resolution proposing the fantasy expungement of the Dipshit Insurrection impeachment is funnier than a Three Stooges short and twice as stupid. It’s full of overheated MAGA rhetoric, so extreme that the sponsors should take an expunge bath. Words fail me so I’m posting a fusion instrumental:

I’ve moved from snipe hunts to expunge baths. Mixed metaphors deployed to illustrate the fatuousness of an expungement. Repeat after me: There is no such thing as an expungement.

The Trumpified GOP seems to have relocated to Fantasy Island only without Mr. Roarke and his sidekick, Tattoo.

Now that I think of it, the Trump-KMac relationship is like the Roarke-Tattoo relationship; only Tattoo was a sincere sycophant.

Denial is an important component of the Republican brand. They pretend that Trump won the 2020 election and is a decent human being. They’re doing:

How twisted is that?

Instead of dancing the denial twist, dreaming the impossible dream, and snipe hunting on Fantasy Island, House GOPers should expunge KMac. Then they should take an expunge bath to cool off their extreme rhetoric. I know they won’t follow my advice because I’m a member of the reality based community.

Repeat after me: There is no such thing as an expungement.

The last word goes to Steve Winwood:


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  1. “The Man of La Manchin” sounds like he spends his time tilting at windmills, doesn’t it?

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