Republicans Are In Big Trouble

I was expecting The Big Indictment on Tuesday and originally I was going to write about how FINALLY it had happened and what a relief it was. But it turned out that it felt overwhelming to read it and to Google the history of the various events described in a short period of time so I’m going to write about it at a later date.

Right wing pundits didn’t have that luxury though, and they were everywhere Tuesday evening. Let’s take a sampling of their tears.

First up, while right wingers didn’t seem to care much for a protected class being used to determine college admissions, they rushed to insist that a new protected class be designated for DOJ indictments:

Rudy Giuliani offered a strong defense of his own actions that earned him a co-conspirator label:

I’m not a lawyer, and I am leaving the legal analysis to Our Fearless Leader, but if this were the best defense my attorney could muster on television I’d be looking to make a deal with the DOJ ASAP:

But TFG can’t ever admit that he was wrong about anything, so he’ll probably end up in jail. It is what it is.

In the meantime, I invite you all to celebrate these opening salvos of justice. Here’s some party music.

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  1. Lauro: Absolutely, the first amendment protects all speech
    That hold-up note I handed the teller was just free speech. I didn’t really want her to give all the money. And the “or else” part was just a joke.

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