An Insurrection Act Dry Run

There were a few times during 2020 when I really got scared about what TFG had in mind should he lose the election. As it turned out, I wasn’t imagining things.

I first got concerned about TFG’s love of domestic violence during the 2016 campaign when I learned that Kellyanne Conway followed a number of white supremacist groups on Twitter. I didn’t feel any better after he “both sided” the murdering white supremacists in Charlottesville.

Then in October 2020, at the debate where TFG tried to infect Joe Biden with his undisclosed case of Covid, TFG was asked to denounce the Proud Boys and he replied:

That’s the point when I started yelling at the TV. It was clear to me that TFG was already planning a coup attempt and he was so confident that it would work that he freely alluded to it during the debate.

There were some other things that happened in response to the George Floyd protests In Washington, DC that really alarmed me at the time, but I didn’t have a specific framework to hang them on. Let’s go through a few of them.

In early June 2020 TFG put Attorney General Bill Barr in charge of responding to the protests, and Barr’s first action was to clear peaceful protestors in Lafayette Park with unneeded violence so TFG could mount a cringe photo op with an upside-down bible.

During the planning for that assault he sought permission to use a weapon called a “heat ray”:

This statement comes hours after NPR obtained and published written responses to the House Committee on Natural Resources from Maj. Adam DeMarco of the D.C. National Guard, who revealed he had been copied on an email from the provost marshal of Joint Force Headquarters. The email said the top military police officer in D.C. was looking for two things: a Long Range Acoustic Device, a kind of sound cannon known as an LRAD, and a device called the Active Denial System, or ADS.


The military developed the ADS some 20 years ago as a way to disperse crowds. There have been questions about whether it worked, or should be deployed in the first place. It uses millimeter wave technology essentially to heat the skin of people targeted by its invisible ray.

This still make me extremely angry.

Barr also brought in unmarked federal thugs:

Then a National Guard (under TFG’s control during this trumped-up response to peaceful protests) helicopter was used to intimidate the crowd:

The National Guard of the District of Columbia is investigating the use of one of its helicopters to make a “show of force” against protesters near the White House, while President Donald Trump is encouraging authorities to get tougher to quell the unrest over George Floyd’s death.


The helicopter, normally designated for use in medical evacuations, hovered low enough to create a deafening noise and spray protesters with rotor wash on Monday.

Then all of these counter-offensives ended and instead the White House was fortified as a bunker which, again, seemed very odd to me.

On Tuesday, when TFG was (AGAIN!) indicted, this time for his efforts to overthrow the 2020 election, I got some context:

It’s now clear that the government’s response to the Floyd protests was a dry run for putting down protests once TFG invoked the Insurrection Act after the 1/6 insurrection.

They all need to be locked up.

And we need to choose to be on the right side.