They Love Him Like Crazy

NOTE: This post discusses polls, for more about polls and what they are and what they are not, see here

This post is less about Trump and more about his supporters, and the GOP in general. Specifically, about a deep dive that a CBS News/YouGov poll took to take the pulse of the Republican voter.

The tl;dr Cliff Notes of this post is the majority of them are crazy.

Let’s kick it off by taking a look at how the GOP primary race is going, and how much of a dent Anger Management Problem Chris Christie and Vanilla Republican Asa Hutchinson, the candidates most vocal about their disdain for Trump.

In the prior poll taken in early June, Trump was at 61% and Woke Fighter Ron DeSantis was at 23%. But what of the Dynamic Duo’s Trump attacks? Well, Christie was at 1% and Hutchinson was at 1%.

Keep running headfirst into that brick wall, fellas. Maybe at some point, it will crack.

Surely, you say, the indictments are giving rank-and-file GOP voters pause? Maybe a little. But not much.

The Deep State stuff that Trump has spewed continues to run deep within the GOP. In fact, it is considered a reason why they support him because the indictments are just more Deep State shenanigans.

The next two are really quite something. I am kind of at a loss for words. I mean, something many of us have always suspected, but it is just plain nuts to see this in a poll, in writing.

I can’t decide whether to laugh deliriously at that, or feel terror.

But, there is more.

They trust Trump more than their family, Fox News talking heads, and absolutely kick the crap out of religious leaders as far as trust goes. The latter makes more sense than it seems, as there is a trend among conservative Christians to see even the Jesus of the King James Bible as too woke.

Even among non-MAGA Republicans, you cannot find a majority of reason. This…is something.

In any other context, there is one word for this:


And one that has millions of Americans fully invested in it. Not sure where this will all end up, but having that many people so detached from reality is not a good thing for a nation.

The last word goes to a band I am listening a lot to lately, the female singer-songwriter supergroup boygenius.



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  1. This cultish behavior of so many millions of Americans both frightens and astounds me every day! It’s absolutely unbelievable. And I love that boygenius song.

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