Arraigny Week In Georgia

Atlanta has been the center of the legal universe this week. The coup plot kids have been surrendering in droves. I went with an image of The Cheese and Rudy but most of the Trump gang was in attendance. Much fun was had at their expense online:

I approve. Mockery is the best medicine.

The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian is expected to surrender later today. He’ll probably insist on slamming DA Fani Willis whose name he pronounces like this Seventies rock band:

It’s spelled Fani but pronounced Faw-nee like a young deer. This Disney character was a fawn:

Not that the Kaiser of Chaos gives a shit about having his facts straight. They’re as crooked as he is. His defense smells as bad as eau du skunk. In his case, I prefer the term polecat. That goes for his pal Rudy as well.

Rudy Giuliani was unrepentant:

“Fani Willis will go down in American history, as having conducted one of the worst attacks on the American Constitution,” he said. “She has violated people’s First Amendment right to advocate the government to petition the government for grievances like an election they believe was poorly conducted or falsely conducted. People have a right to believe that in America.”

More projection from the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover. I never bought the America’s Mayor crapola: He ran a racist campaign to become mayor then conducted a racist administration wherein police brutality was encouraged. Remember the Amadou Diallo case? Even the Murdoch Post took a dim view of it:

Rudy was a piece of shit then and he still is. He’s the ultimate has been.

The Cheese DBA Kenneth Chesebro proved once again that he’s the brains of the outfit by filing a speedy trial motion, which is one of many quirks in Georgia law:

Defendants have a constitutional right and a state right to demand a speedy trial. The Sixth Amendment gives defendants this protection as well as George law under O.C.G.A. § 17-7-170. This means that there are two types of speedy trials: statutory and constitutional. A speedy trial indicates that the defendant is tried for the alleged crimes within a reasonable amount of time after being arrested. If the defendant is not tried when the demand for speedy trial is made or at the next regular court term, then the defendant shall be acquitted of the charges.

A speedy trial with this many defendants is going to be tricky. A severance may be in order, which means we can once again ponder the eternal question: Who Cut The Chesebro?

The amateur lawyers are enthusiastic about the Fulton County RICO case, but I’m apprehensive. Any RICO or conspiracy case has many moving parts, which complicates matters considerably for those of us who believe in the Omar Little maxim:

I prefer the more focused one-defendant approach taken by Jack Smith in his coup plot case variation. The more defendants in a case, the more motions. RICO cases often find the defense burying the prosecution in paperwork. Speedy RICO cases are rare, the Mafia commission trial lasted for 21 months: from 2/25/1985 to 11/19/1986. That’s why I think Jack Smith should go first. 21 months from today would take the RICO trial into 2025.

It’s time to maximize maxims. The third rule of litigation is THE LAW IS SLOW.  In this case, I want it to be methodical and careful. The stakes are too high for risky gambits. The last thing we need is a Trump acquittal, which he would trumpet as a vindication of the BIG LIE. In the immortal words of Raiders owner Al Davis:

The last word goes to Brook Benton:


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  1. So far, Jenna Ellis is the only decent mugshot. A lot of the perps look like they got drunk and robbed a convenience store and were arrested because they locked the keys in the pickup.

    1. She’s the only even vaguely attractive member of the Trump Gang, so that’s no surprise.

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