“I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Rudy”

I’ve written about the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover’s booze issues before. I’ve been waiting for it to become a factor in the coup plot investigation. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the time is nigh:

“Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office has repeatedly grilled witnesses about Rudy Giuliani’s drinking on and after election day, investigating whether Donald Trump was knowingly relying on an inebriated attorney while trying to overturn a presidential election.

In their questioning of multiple witnesses, Smith’s team of federal investigators have asked questions about how seemingly intoxicated Giuliani was during the weeks he was giving Trump advice on how to cling to power, according to a source who’s been in the room with Smith’s team, one witness’s attorney, and a third person familiar with the matter. 

The special counsel’s team has also asked these witnesses if Trump had ever gossiped with them about Giuliani’s drinking habits, and if Trump had ever claimed Giuliani’s drinking impacted his decision making or judgment. Federal investigators have inquired about whether the then-president was warned, including after Election Night 2020, about Giuliani’s allegedly excessive drinking. They have also asked certain witnesses if Trump was told that the former New York mayor was giving him post-election legal and strategic advice while inebriated. 

Furthermore, the special counsel’s office has probed how drunk witnesses and others believed Giuliani to be during specific and consequential moments of the tumultuous Trump-Biden presidential transition. Investigators asked for details that showed precisely how these witnesses knew firsthand the attorney was drinking while counseling Trump on subverting and overturning the 2020 presidential election.”

This is less unusual than lay people think. To get fancy and use Latin, booze and dope affect one’s mens rea, which literally means guilty mind. Mens rea is a key component of intent. In Rudy’s case, he might be too wasted to feel guilt or have much of a mind left after years of hard drinking.

Rudy’s boozing has become notorious in recent years. He even bragged about it to New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi in 2019:

“His ex-wife had implied, in an interview with New York, that he was an alcoholic. Others anonymously question his mental state. “Oh yeah, yeah — I do a lot of drugs,” Giuliani said sarcastically. “There was one I was addicted to. I’ve forgotten what it is. I don’t know where the drug things come from — I really don’t. The alcohol comes from the fact that I did occasionally drink. I love Scotch. I can’t help it. All of the malts. And part of it is cigars — I love to have them with cigars. I’m a partyer.”

Party on, Rudy.

Back to Team Smith. Rudy’s boozing is relevant because prosecutors expect an advice of counsel defense from Team Trump. Such a defense is unlikely to work BUT the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian got legal advice from a madwoman and a drunk. The madwoman is, of course, the Kraken Lady DBA Sidney Powell. The drunk is obvious. Party on, Rudy.

I’m expecting the Kaiser of Chaos to throw Rudy under the limousine and back up over him to finish the job. I didn’t use the bus image because Donald Trump and busses are strangers. I wonder if he even took the subway when he was younger. Of course, Fred Trump was a cheapskate, so it’s possible.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Rudy’s lawyers mounted a diminished capacity defense. He’s been drinking hard since his disastrous 2008 presidential campaign. He once said that Trump was his only friend after that public humiliation. Make that two friends: Scotch being the other one. Party on, Rudy.

Rudy was on teevee constantly during the 2016 campaign and the Muller probe. I recall watching him on one of the Sunday morning shows and telling Dr. A: “Mayor 9/11 is bombed, blotto, blitzed.”

Party on, Rudy.

As a New Orleanian, I rarely object to public drunkenness. I do, however, object to those who can’t hold their liquor. Sloppy drunks are, well, sloppy. Former US Attorney and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is a sloppy drunk.

About the post title. It’s a paraphrase of a song made famous by Albert The Iceman Collins, I Ain’t Drunk:

Every day, baby
When the sun go down
I get with my friends
And I begin to clown
I don’t care
What the people are thinkin’
I ain’t drunk
I’m just drinkin’

That’s Rudy in a nutshell. He denies being an alcoholic but brags about his drinking: “I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Rudy.”

The last word goes to Albert Collins & The Icebreakers:

UPDATE: Rudy is not just a boozer, he’s a loser in the defamation case filed against him by Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss.

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