The Gaetz Of Delirium

The freak show is no longer a side show, it’s the main event. Performative right wing politics has led to a smirking and smarmy jerk like Matt Gaetz being taken seriously. As you can see above, this punk loves the spotlight. Looks like a delirious Gaetz is finally getting the attention this spoiled brat thinks he deserves.

Gaetz is probably the politician who is most like the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. Gaetz comes from a wealthy family. His father used to be president of the Florida state senate. Don Gaetz is toying with a political comeback. That’s all the country needs, another Donald with power. Talk about knocking on the Gaetz of hell.

Matt Gaetz filed the paperwork to force a vote on KMac’s speakership last night. The newsletter pukes love it. Punchbowl News is putting some of the onus for that anus KMac’s survival on Democrats. Hakeem Jeffries is a new leader who GOPers are trying to roll. He’s kept his counsel thus far and is meeting with his caucus this morning. He should ask this question: What would Nancy do? I’m sure she’s already in the loop, but she’s shown no signs of backseat driving her successor. It’s up to Jeffries and his team to decide how to play this tricky hand.

Absent serious concessions such as ending the fake impeachment inquiry, KMac will be obliged to round up stray Democratic votes like Jamie O’s pal Dean Phillips and others of his ilk. Why any Democrat should want to save KMac is beyond me. Republicans brought this chaos on themselves, let them stew in it.

The GOP majority is so tiny that all it will take is four defectors. Gaetz appears to have four to seven votes. KMac’s goose may be cooked but he’s willing to make huge concessions to the far right as he did back in January, which was when this picture was taken:

Huge concessions to Democrats seem unlikely given the polarized nature of our politics. It’s hard to run wearing a red jersey when you’ve made power sharing concessions to the other team. It’s like the Saints and the Falcons making nice; neither fan base would cotton to that.

This is such a fast-moving story that the ground could have shifted as I wrote this. Hell, I wrote it in 45 minutes: A quick and dirty post for a down and dirty fight. I am confident, however, that Gaetz is unlikely to back down. Win or lose, he loves the attention.

I have no idea how this will play out. I expect the chaos to continue regardless of who the speaker is. The situation is surreal: An unpopular backbencher may be on the verge of removing an unpopular speaker. Gaetz is a true Trumper: He doesn’t appear to have a plan for what happens next. Plans often go awry but it’s useful to have one when you’re knocking on the Gaetz of delirium.

The last word goes to Yes with a song about chaos and war.