National Kevin Day Potpourri

You learn something new every day. Today I learned that it’s National Kevin Day; others call it National Hug A Kevin Day. I am not making this up. Is it a good omen for KMac? Beats the hell outta me. I hope my friend Kevin Allman has a good day.

The featured image is of the Other Kevin McCarthy in Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Is Matt Gaetz really a pod person? That would explain a lot.

We’ll break this down into segments Saturday Odds & Sods style only without an overall theme song. There *is* a band called Pod People but it’s a doom metal band. Neither Homey nor Adrastos play that.

We have some news from Capitol Hill. KMac is scheduling a vote and refusing to make concessions to Democrats for their support. Good. Who wants to govern with that lying weasel? Democrats came out hard against that idea. We’ll have more after the vote. I’m not sure if I can top The Gaetz Of Delirium as a title.

Recuse Me? Clarence the Grifter has seen fit to recuse from a case involving January 6 and his one-time law clerk, John Eastman. It’s an odd recusal from an odd man: cases involving law clerks come up all the time. I don’t recall Justice Breyer recusing himself in cases involving his former clerk Neal Katyal, after all.

Katyal would be wise to recuse himself from ever wearing this hat again:

Back to Thomas and Eastman. I’m glad Thomas has recused himself. I hope he makes a habit of it by invoking the Doobie Brothers corollary, What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.

That song title describes my punning as well. I just can’t stop it. I can, however, move on to the next segment.

Kelly Confirms: Former Trump White House chief of staff General John Kelly finally confirmed the awfulness of his former boss’ views about the military.

“What can I add that has not already been said?” Kelly said, when asked if he wanted to weigh in on his former boss in light of recent comments made by other former Trump officials. “A person that thinks those who defend their country in uniform, or are shot down or seriously wounded in combat, or spend years being tortured as POWs are all ‘suckers’ because ‘there is nothing in it for them.’ A person that did not want to be seen in the presence of military amputees because ‘it doesn’t look good for me.’ A person who demonstrated open contempt for a Gold Star family – for all Gold Star families – on TV during the 2016 campaign, and rants that our most precious heroes who gave heir lives in America’s defense are ‘losers’ and wouldn’t visit their graves in France.

“A person who is not truthful regarding his position on the protection of unborn life, on women, on minorities, on evangelical Christians, on Jews, on working men and women,” Kelly continued. “A person that has no idea what America stands for and has no idea what America is all about. A person who cavalierly suggests that a selfless warrior who has served his country for 40 years in peacetime and war should lose his life for treason – in expectation that someone will take action. A person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators. A person that has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution, and the rule of law.

“There is nothing more that can be said,” Kelly concluded. “God help us.”

It’s about fucking time, General. I knew Jeffrey Goldberg was right.

Bill Athas weeps.

Harold Russell weeps.

Crying is optional for the rest of us:

Fun, Fun, Fun? There’s a new map detailing the places most vulnerable to climate change. It provided grist for the Grist’s mill on Twitter, never X:

I take this personally:

“…all 10 of the country’s most vulnerable counties are in the South, many along the Gulf Coast, where there are high rates of poverty and health problems. Half are in Louisiana, which faces dangers from flooding, hurricanes, and industrial pollution. St. John the Baptist Parish, just up the Mississippi River from New Orleans, ranks as the most vulnerable county, a result of costly floods, poor child and maternal health, a list of toxic air pollutants, and the highest rate of disaster-related deaths in Louisiana.”

This is much worse than getting a saltwater wedgie. That has the virtue of being a funny phrase, ain’t nothing funny about this map. My only response is sarcasm:

What, No Jury? The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian’s legal team fucked up in his fraud trial. Apparently, they failed to click a box indicating they wanted to drag the trial out with voir dire. Instead, it’s a bench trial presided over by a judge about whom the Kaiser of Chaos said this:

The MSM fell all over itself to cover this bluster and bullshit. They got played again by a man who thinks he’s the law of the land:

Never argue with Norman Whitfield and The Temptations.

I’m sorry for all the guys who share the name Kevin with KMac. They’re the ones who need a hug right now.

The last word goes to Peter Gabriel with a song that became an earworm when I wrote about Clarence Thomas. We go from recuse me to Excuse Me: